Your Weekly Business focus:
15th - 21st January 2018

"What do we need to consider in our business timing and environment this week to experience successful "trades" in the marketplace?"

Take a position of cooperation, seeking common ground.

Collect information with a view towards mutual benefit.

Creating division.  
Seeking early opportunity or advantage.

Two leaders bringing their armies together in unity, symbolising mutual support.

This is a fortuitous energy when your timing is right.
Do not be too late or too early.

Where do your clients/customers connect with you on their customer journey ?
Meet them where they are at.

What type of environment are you providing to your customers/clients to engage with your offerings - is it clear, well defined and they know the steps to take to "trade" ?

Stand together, linked together, bonded in unity - provide a neutral voice. 

Have clarity & certainty with price / money / your cash infrastructure.

Do you have infrastructure for your cashflow - to channel your money profitably?

Alliance between your money, your clients/customers, your timing and the environment is needed.

When we are in Alliance we are United & Focussed.

Create an environment of harmony, care, order, support & certainty.

How can you create an environment, trading in your business, with your goods or services, where your clients & customers will sense for themselves - well-being & good fortune ?

Have a prosperous week.

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