Do you support one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals?  Then join us at the Social Good Summit Australia 2018.

The Social Good Summit Australia (SGSA) is a platform that connects corporations, non-profits, government, universities, industry bodies, social enterprises and grassroots organisers to discuss solutions to the greatest challenges of our time. The SGSA brings these participants together to discuss ideas, share stories and inspire others to actively make the world a better place.


This year's Summit will raise awareness of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and their potential to fulfil the promise of creating a better world by 2030. Over the last three years, the SGSA has inspired many individuals to get involved, get connected and take action.


The theme this year, #2030NOWAU, asks the question, “What type of world do you want to live in by the year 2030?” 


The SGSA is part of a global network of committed citizens from more than 100 countries that meet every year to unlock the potential of individuals, technology and collaboration to make the world a better place.

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