Home is a place where we relax our body, rejuvenate our home, and revitalize our mind.

We don’t want to put up an artwork in our home that is too loud or just too different from what you desire in life.

The best of art experts have suggested that putting up a serene painting that represents love, sacrifice, and devotion always sprinkle a positivity in the entire surrounding.

Having said that, I would like to suggest that you try paintings of Radha Krishna for your home.

The mesmerizing, divine, and electrifying manifestation of Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha is the best fit for your home decoration.

Radha Krishna paintings – A tale of sublime love

Generally, we put up artworks in our home to make our home aura more prodigious and pious.

Whatever we hang on our wall is there permanently for our eye to observe and our mind to absorb.

If you put up a painting of a dragon in your bedroom, it ain’t a comfortable set up for your eyes and mind.

However, putting up ecstatic and splendid artworks of Radha Krishna is not just meant to spread piousness but also uplift your spirit.

Do you know about Radha Krishna?

Krishna, an incarnation of Supreme Vishnu (one of the three Gods of Hinduism that complete the holy trinity of Vishnu, Brahma, and Mahesh), was a notorious, bright, wise, and brave kid.

Generally manifested in blue color, Krishna was regarded as a mesmerizing character in all Hindu scriptures.

Being the world’s oldest religion, Hinduism always glorifies the epic tales of different deities.

So, Krishna was living in a small village of Vrindavan (near Mathura, UP). Whosoever sees him, interact with him or hear him used to be astonished by the impeccable aura that surrounds Krishna.

This is the reason Krishna is seen blue in every artwork.

Moving on, Krishna used to play the flute and all the girls known as Gopis of Vrindavan used to surround him, appealed by his charm and attractive aura.

Radha was one of the Gopis, who fell in love with Krishna the moment she saw him.

Krishna also loved Radha with his full heart.

Indian artists have made several Radha Krishna paintings where Krishna is playing flute in the center with Radha beside him and several Gopis around him.

Due to duties and responsibilities upon Krishna, he had to leave Vrindavan at a point. Radha was not okay with this.

She wanted Krishna to be with her.

Krishna explained to Radha that he cannot marry her because marriage is a union of two souls. According to Krishna, Radha and he were part of one soul only.

So, he and Radha went their ways. Krishna defeated his uncle, ending a tyrant rule, participated in Mahabharata, ensuring the triumph of good over evil, and also married to someone else.

Radha also married to someone else and carried on with her life.

However, the big gist of this story is that both Radha and Krishna despite fulfilling their duties never felt away from each other.

The love between Radha and Krishna is hence regarded as the purest form.

Having Radha Krishna paintings in your home thus spreads a vibrant, pure, and a serene appeal into the entire ambiance.

These artworks can be easily found in the online art galleries on the web.

There are various prominent art dealers that offer a wide range of Radha Krishna artworks at affordable prices.

Placing these artworks in your living room or study or even bedroom would always display the pious and true love that should be there between two living beings.

Also, many art zealots also put up vivacious Radha Krishna paintings in their home-office or study rooms because they think it keeps them proactive all the time.

Indian traditional art forms have always represented spectacular depiction of Radha Krishna. So, if you are feeling skeptical about purchasing an artwork made by a new artist, you can always make a collection of various artworks together.

Along with this, there are various digital prints of Radha Krishna that would further provide you with an opportunity to spruce up your home with a collage of small artworks together.

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