Greetings All! I am looking for team members or to be part of a team.

My startup company, is a trans-disciplinary, creative consulting firm specialising in the global Wellness + Sustainability sectors. The vision for Gaia Thrive is for our experts to provide strategy, organisational training/development, design, education, and web technology solutions to promote well-being and sustainability in communities. GT is currently looking for team members as Roger advised in E 5.0 and the Worldwide Workshop.

My educational background is in the liberal arts with work experience/skills developed in the areas of Web technology and what I like to call ‘Gaia technology’, which is a way of creating healing frameworks using many separate methods which are integrated into a whole coherent system. My most recent passion is in the recent marriage of technology and organic cultivation of modern urban farming, especially vertical farming food production. I am looking to work with others on GeniusU who have Sustainable Cities & Communities as their top Purpose.

As you can see from my profile, I am a Dynamo genius with a Lord frequency. My background and natural talents have allowed me to excel at recognising natural patterns, and being able to organise them into a system with a desired result. In this case, the intended result is healthy and sustainable cities/communities.

I would like to work with 2 to 4 others, preferably with Blaze, Tempo and Steel Geniuses, and a good mixture of frequencies. A good variety of skills/industries is also desired. Location is only important insofar as group communications are concerned. As a team, I would prefer to use the SCRUM methodology with E 5.0.

Please message me if interested, or if you have any questions. Thanks.

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