High school is nearly over and preparation for college is just around the corner. At university, your life takes a different taste. From the moment you enter university you are left to your own devices, you will have new subjects and a lot of writing. Of course, special services can always help you, for example, like an Essay Writing Service Canada, but another problem may arise in front of you. Admittedly, not all students can afford to continue their education due to financial restraints so the next best thing available for those who do not have the financial capability is to apply for a college scholarship.

Those students who have qualified academically and excel in a particular sport can apply in universities and offer sports scholarships. Being a varsity player for a particular college team can help students pay for their undergraduate education. Basketball, football, and swimming are some of the sports where athletic scholarships are awarded. However, students who are granted athletic scholarships are required to take undergraduate degrees.  Scholarships granted by universities may vary and are provided on a year-to-year basis which can be re-applied for up to four years.

How to apply for athletic scholarships

Coaches scout for new talents in matches and events. A coach may ask a player to play for his collegiate team, but even if he does this, one must still apply to the university following the regular academic application procedures. Make sure that you meet the required academic standards of the school you want to go to and maintain these as your scholarship will depend on the evaluations and recommendations of the coach and other academic teachers.

A student may also personally approach coaches of different universities and colleges. But for a student to do this, he or she should have a distinctive accomplishment in his/her field of sport. Do not fail to do a background check on these schools as one may need to compare his performance to their standards. An applicant may also need to provide these coaches a resume of his sports accomplishments and a video documenting his qualifications.

How to Win a Scholarship

1.  Gear up. Letters of recommendations from your teachers, school counselors are important.

2.  Prepare. Make sure you have a copy of your high school diploma.

3.  Be active. Involving yourself in community activities and projects will work to your advantage.

4.  State your goals. Write an essay detailing your objectives and your achievements to date. Make sure you stand out.

5.  Get organized. Do research on scholarships that suit your criteria. Also, keep track of the deadlines of applications by creating a chart that includes the name and contact information of the university, scholarship name, date of application, verification, and follow-ups.

6.  Get noticed. One thing that will make you stand out is your essay application. This is your chance to get yourself noticed. Make sure that before submitting this, ask your English professor to review and edit it.

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