Who was surprised by the Russian invasion into Ukraine?
The reasons for such a thing to happen are much more nuanced than what you would learn from mainstream media.
This isn’t just about a megalomaniac trying to push his weight around. This is a last gasp for relevance and existence of a country. The scariest part is that this is not the first and probably not the last domestic crisis turned global. 
To learn more, check out Peter Zeihan’s new book, “The End of the World is Just Beginning”. 
The book is not yet released, but he presents his thesis from various perspectives in seminars and interviews that you can find on YouTube.  The best presentation of his thesis is a 2.5-hour presentation he made at a military conference. The video is called, “Energy at the End of the World Seminar|Peter Zeihan”
Seeing the macro moves in the world gives some understanding to what is happening. 

For me, the worst is not understanding. Without context, everything seems random and good decisions for personal well-being can’t be made in a random world. 
The message today is that we are on the brink – or maybe already engaged in the early stages of World War 3. 

Is it true?  Do we know why?  Who is the enemy? 
It’s rarely just a person or group of people, although we like to pin the blame on someone. 

In the end, unrest is always a result of economic strife. This study shows you the combination of events and realities unfolding that have placed us right at this point in space and time.
What you learn may scare you. That is not the intent. 

There are things we have no control over. That is okay. 

As long as we know the "what" and "why" of things, we can make decisions to step out of harm’s way.  That may mean moving physically or just putting additional layers of protection around our wealth.

One of the best ways to protect ourselves and our wealth is to diversify geographically with multiple permanent residencies or passports. Another is to distributed our wealth into different jurisdictions. In the global world that we live in today, that is easier than you might think.

I believe the future is bright, but first we must survive the transition.  I encourage you to watch the recording and decide for yourself.

What have you done to protect yourself? Or, do you believe that the unrest will be contained and things will return to "normal"?


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