We spoke with Tamami Ushiki about her entrepreneurial journey

How did you come across Genius Group and what inspired you to join the community?

I first came across Genius Group’s Founder, Roger James Hamilton, when I lived in the US and worked for an event company in Asia.

In 2007 I joined the Entrepreneurs Institute (EI) and realised that in Japan self-education did not really exist besides the usual training courses in large corporations. The content I was learning through EI was inspiring, it challenged my mindset when it came to business and learning, and I realised there was an opportunity to transfer these invaluable teachings to the Japanese business community. I decided to reach out to GeniusU and offer a partnership where I could start importing educational content into Japan. The invaluable content included strategies on healing and self-development to better empower aspirational entrepreneurs in Japan, and for them to discover their true purpose. Through this partnership, I set up Japan Dynamics Group – a platform that takes Genius Group's educational content and translates it for the Japanese market.

What was your experience in Crystal Circle?  Did the mentoring benefit you and your business? 

The Crystal Circle is such an amazing and inspiring experience. Roger teaches how to be successful as an entrepreneur and not only was I participating as a customer I was also doing this as a business.

There is so much opportunity to learn and to take action, everything I learned I actioned. As the Business Content Manager, I feel like I have a responsibility to make the partnership work for me and for my partner. This has taught me to work more collaboratively to achieve that level of success.

Our partnership works so well, Roger is always focused on cutting-edge stuff and new creations. I have access to the Japanese market, so I bring something worthwhile to the partnership. Sometimes the content may not suit the Japanese market, so I assess and review it, then see if the timing is right for what is going on in Japan at the time.

Where are you and your business at today and what are your future plans?

Japan Dynamics Group is thriving, there is a real need for self-work and learning at the moment, and I feel happy I can provide that content to the Japanese community.

Two years ago, I received an award as Top Seller, and last year I got an award for Best Partner! During the pandemic, Genius launched crisis workshops which I knew would work as Roger is really good in a crisis. I immediately translated the workshop into Japanese and released it and it had great sales.

My future plan is to launch Talent Spectrum, an adaption of Wealth Dynamics.  

Genius Wealth Dynamics is a trusted platform and used by so many people, whenever they create new content, I introduce it to Japan.

Where can we find out more about your company?

You can find out more about Japan Dynamics on GeniusU or visiting https://jwda.org

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