Our wisdom, our inner genius, our superpower, our gift to the world can only come from us...by us taking our power back and operating from our position of strength.

AND in the current state of education it is SO challenging to be SEEN, HEARD, & VALUED for the unique amazing humans we individually are. Between the mandates, the behavior challenges (both student and adult), the ever changing rules of the game, the never enough time to feel successful, etc, etc, etc...it's all too much...

AND in order to lead from our position of strength, from our intuitive wisdom, we MUST take action to do better. If not for ourselves, for the ripple of impact we have in conscious and unconscious ways on those we are here to serve!

When was the last time you took a deep dive into your current culture and experienced it with all of your senses?

What's it like for you, your staff, those you serve to walk into your school, your office, your classroom (virtual or in person)?

Culture is the collective capacity of who we all show up as...and the culture we experience is connected to our senses.

This week in the Culture Playground we are diving into all of our senses to discuss the power we have to create our environments on purpose and the impact that has on all those who enter our spaces.

Ask those who come to visit what they experience...it's a beautiful window into designing, creating and living your CULTURE ON PURPOSE.

Join us this Thursday at 4 pm PT for a 25 minute deep dive conversation that will empower you to own each piece of your environment to create the experience you desire.

We will be streaming live in our Conscious Educator Facebook Group or you can register to be a part of the conversation here.


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