🤣Friday #humour4good for my #startups and #emergingmanagers 

When clients launch start-ups/ funds to do what they are interested in or passionate about and not what their market (what they believe their market and natural customers or investors are ) needs or wants and without testing in real life first (pre-marketing) … only to find out that it ain’t gonna work out … 😢😔 💔

💡📍Conclusion: test early your ideas (💝Date your ideas) and prototype, get ready to pivot, shift, test, pivot, shift … rinse and repeat at the lowest cost 💲 possible until you find what works! 🥳

Product / market fit / adoption / Investment (funding)- readiness happens only when enough of the right customers buy (investors commit, philanthropists donate... ) and that does not automatically mean your team is capable of running a successful business (organization...) nor will prevent any internal or external adverse impact to threaten your very survival …
Welcome to the #entrepreneurialjourney ⛵️🎢

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July 2022


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