🤨Sit quietly like a good girl. Don’t be bossy. Don’t shout, use your little voice.

Nope. Nopitty nope.

Sing full throated like no ones even in the room to hear you. 

Roar. Scream. 

Because you get one life, and if you’re not speaking your truth, what is the point?

I used to be afraid to be visible, to be ‘seen’, to be in a place where critics could tear me down.

I feared judgement. 

It stifled my words and dulled my fire. 

✨I changed ALL that when I learnt about the 4 Brain Types.✨

👉Because you are wired to speak a certain way. To care about certain things. To get excited by certain things.
👉And to avoid others like the plague. 

Once you know what those are, imagine how that can skyrocket your power to influence? Your comms skills. Your client attraction (because you’ll know more about them too… Useful, huh?)

Come with me on a journey. Let me show you how to dial up your power to influence. Find your Voice. 

So pleased to launch my new product! It's available to all you lovely GeniusU Entrepreneurs, and you can use any Genie Coins (not gems!) that you may have available.

Buy on GeniusU: https://app.geniusu.com/mentor_circles/1681/store/products/1046  

More information and testimonials here: https://kemkaran.com/tame-your-brain-voice/

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