Mechanics are your best completers. They will wrap up the process and find smart ways to do it better next time.

Are you a Mechanic profile?

The "Mechanic" – like Sam Walton and Ray Kroc, endure. What they build tends to be built to last. Endless perfectionists, the Mechanics will keep finding ways to improve their system or process, making things simple and smart, whatever the product or service they deliver.

The "Mechanic's" strengths: Innovative, perfectionist, detail-oriented, completes things well, able to quickly fine-tune, spots inefficiencies in the system, able to simplify and replicate

They are most successful when:
▪️ they are looking for ways to improve things
▪️ love to tinker and take things apart and then put them back together in new and better ways
▪️ best when completing things

The "Mechanic's" challenges: Often takes a long time to complete tasks. Gets caught up in details, forget about the team around them, often inflexible and unwilling to change.

They are most likely to struggle when--
▪️ Starting things from scratch
▪️ being put in chaotic or political situations

In this video, Michelle Nolting, our Partnerships & Event Manager, will share the magic that Mechanics bring to the table. In flow by creating better processes and systems, mechanics focus on the WHY while ensuring that you can streamline your business to prepare for success.  Watch the full video here 👈

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