Utter carnage so far? Yep same here. Mars apparently shifts into ‘direct’ on the 18th so the planets will align better🤯Yeah I don’t know what that means either.

All I know is: I’m still revving up, my year starts on the 22nd. It’s the new moon apparently. (Yeah, I don’t know much about that either😂).

I DO know:

⚡️We are biochemical creatures, and our brains shift when the day length does
⚡️We are not supposed to be ‘on’ all the bloody time. We need to cycle, just like planets do
⚡️We exhaust ourselves, then we get consequences. Burnout happens when you’ve biochemically put your foot on the gas and ignored stop signs for too long. Don’t do that.

👉It’s time to reboot. Ignore those chirping away about ‘resolutions’ and ‘2wks gone’ because that’s scarcity and there’s actually a MUCH better way to be aligned in brain and body. I’ve studied this so you don’t have to.

There’s a science behind the woo. A strategy behind ‘spirit’. There’s a set of tools you need to release what’s gone, and build the next year ahead for you.

👉I’m running a deep dive, 1 day Masterclass which is like a virtual retreat with me, to get you sorted.

Clean up your memories with 2022 hindsight vision. Set your goals in a way that makes you more likely to effortlessly succeed.

🍾I’m a success coach, this is what I do. It’s how I got to a grow a million pounds in property over the last year, by using this method of goal achievement. It’s a science. ❤️Here’s me, in my woods, in my dream house. It works❤️

Come with me on a walk you’ll never forget, and learn the tools used by top entrepreneurs around the world, because this stuff works. I will teach you in 1day flat. I’ll then support you for the next month in the group.

🔗https://tame.kemkaran.com/resolution-reboot - we start Sun 22nd!

Tame Your Brain. Change your life. Change your income.




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