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Message from Roger

It has been a busy week for Roger in the media and social media spotlight talking about Genius Group’s fight against the naked short sellers.
You can read Roger’s latest blog where he shares more information about the Battle Plan to fight against the naked short sellers.  

Roger spoke with John Brda, the ex-CEO of Torchlight, who shared his own story of fighting naked short sellers and taking his company’s share price from $0.30 to $11.00 raising $183 million and merging with Meta at a $1.9 billion market cap. All in six months!  You can watch the conversation between Roger and John here:  


Charles Payne at Fox Business was keen to talk to Roger about his determination to fight the criminals on Wall Street which you can watch here:

Roger also spoke to Benzinga, an online site providing the latest news and data for investors - you can watch it here from 1:50:21

Real Leaders Impact Award











Genius Group has been named as a 2023 Real Leaders Impact Awards winner. This accolade means that Genius Group has joined an elite community of growing impact business brands with a real commitment to creating sustainable change globally.  We were listed number 10 in the Social Enterprise & Education category.

This year’s Impact Awards campaign theme is “waves of impact” and has been designed to showcase the forward-thinking solutions that these companies have demonstrated. You can find the report at this link.

Genius Group was recognised for this award because of our dedication to developing an entrepreneurial education system that prepares students for the 21st Century. We believe that the current global education system needs a more relevant, upgraded, student-centered curriculum that is both high-tech and high-touch. We are currently building a curriculum to meet the needs of our future leaders and believe that such a curriculum can be a force for good.


Partner Conference

On the 19th January, we held our first Partner Conference of the year - “How to Build a $1m Education Business in 2023”, hosted by Michelle Clarke, Partnerships Manager of GeniusU and Director of Genius Group, together with Roger James Hamilton. If you missed it, you can watch the replay here.

As we launch our Education Revolution, we are aiming to grow from 4 million to 6 million new students on GeniusU.  As a partner you can share in an expected $30 million in partner commissions and also be the first to benefit from the 2023 product range with high level mentoring led by Roger.

There are 3 main areas of growth for 2023:

  • We are launching a Global Curriculum: based on 3 campuses: Entrepreneur Campus, Investor Campus and University Campus, welcoming an additional 2 million students. 
  • We are attracting new Profitable Partners including 60 superstar faculty members, content partners, country leaders, 120 faculty partners and city leaders.
  • We are on a mission, but we are under attack. We have hired lawyers to investigate market manipulation of our shares and have now announced a series of actions that our Board has approved.

From January 2023 we are launching monthly mentoring for our Entrepreneur Revolution Partners led by Roger, to implement the three stages of the Genius Formula into each partners’ business as we integrate each with GeniusU.  This will be split into 3 Stages:

  • Stage 1: Plan your School in one week
  • Stage 2: Build your School in three weeks
  • Stage 3: Grow your School over three months

Roger was joined by Saranjit Sangar, the CEO of GeniusU, who shared further information on the tech side of GeniusU and our student and partner pathways. Rav Karwal, the CRO of Genius Group, also joined to share more about how we are helping Partners with Marketing and their Sales and Customer Success Playbook. 

If you are interested in becoming either a Faculty or Content Partner or a City or Country Leader, do book in a call with one of our Genius Igniters or register your interest for free here:

At the end of the Conference, we announced the winners of our Partner Leaderboard for 2022 and their prizes:

In 3rd place was Amelia Hirawan, founder & CEO of Sinergia Group Indonesia

Amelia is a Human Capital expert with over 15 years experience. Her passion is to support people to grow and guide them on the journey to maximize their potential. Besides her anchor skills in people development, she has vast experience in managerial and leadership roles. Since 1999, Amelia has been an active facilitator for various training programs and has really enjoyed coaching people in individual and group sessions. Now, she has developed a coaching program based on #ARTmazing method.

Amelia is one of GeniusU’s Curriculum Partners that consistently brings her community to our events and helps them to facilitate their growth using GeniusU’s products and platform.

In 2nd place was Tamami Ushiki, CEO of Japan Dynamics Group.

Tamami has been supporting entrepreneurs and business owners all over Japan with the Wealth Dynamics methodology while raising awareness of this innovative strategy across the country. She learned directly from Roger and has had the most mentoring sessions with Roger in the world.

Tamami has become the public liaison bridge between Japan and other countries specialising in personal and business development. Since the start-up stage as an entrepreneur, her focus was there and she accumulated her experiences and achievements.

Now Tamami’s passion is helping entrepreneurs. By organizing seminars, educating and promoting consultants, business coaches and trainers, and with her own consultation, she is surely building the trust among entrepreneurs in Japan and globally.

And the winner was An Nguyen, Founder and CEO of SuperX Academy.  

An Nguyen, Founder and CEO of SuperX Academy, has devoted his entire career to helping people achieve long-term balanced success based on his philosophy of inspired leadership, teamwork and a focus on community-building.

An is also the Vietnamese translation partner with GeniusU. His mission is to help people find their flow and live their best life.

Congratulations to all our winners including the first 100 Partners who also receive a participation prize of the new Entrepreneur Dynamics 5.0 full report pack and a free partner revenue strategy call.


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