In this week’s video, Simon outlines how you can successfully Get into Property Investing in 2023. Despite sharing how he doesn’t see the Housing Market Crashing in 2023, he stresses that you will either be relieved you acquired property or regretting how you missed out on a great buying opportunity.

As a Property Investor, In 2023 You Need To be familiar with the impact of Rising Interest Rates in the UK, Taxation and Legislation.

Regarding the Rising Interest Rates Housing Market, Simon underlines a Cash Flow Issue you could face if you have invested in a Single Let Property. If you have utilized a more profitable Property Strategy such as an HMO or Serviced Accommodation, you will benefit from a much higher Cash Flow. He also explains how Section 24 in conjunction with Rising Interest Rates could result in a ‘Double Whammy’ situation, meaning more Property Investments Through a Limited Company.

Simon recommends following his 5 Golden Rules of Property Investing to minimize risks when investing in the 2023 Housing Market. If you would rather not buy property, he talks through how a Lease Option Agreement is a very powerful tool to be aware of right now. Find out more about how you can control properties with Lease Options by registering for Video 2 & 3 of this three-part Video Series.


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