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Message from Roger

Roger is continuing to raise awareness about Genius Group’s fight against naked short selling.  In his latest YouTube video, Roger shares just how serious and significant naked short selling is.  In his ranking of the Top 5 Wall Street Frauds, 

Roger shows how the naked short selling is the No.1 fraud playing out right now, day by day, perpetrating a crime against public listed companies and their investors.  Roger’s video shows just how massive this scam is compared to the other four frauds in the top five list.  

A number of other public listed companies have joined Genius Group to fight against this including: Creatd, Inc ($CRTD), Global Tech Industries Group, Inc ($GTII), Finger Motion, Inc ($FNGR), Torchlight Energy Resources ($TRCH), Meta Materials, Inc ($MMAT and $MMTLP) GameStop Corp. ($GME), AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc ($AMC), TeraWulf Inc ($WULF) and Vinco Ventures, Inc ($BBIG).

You can watch the video here. 

Investor News

Roger was interviewed on Red Chip Money Report on Bloomberg this week, providing details on how Genius Group is disrupting the current education model and why we are using AI to tailor content for each student.  With a track record of 50%+ annual growth, Roger shared our future growth strategy and the three primary growth drivers.  Whereas our competitors are focused on digitizing existing education content, they don’t have their own accredited curriculums as we do.  

Roger also introduced our new leadership team including Erez Simha, our Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operations Officer, Rav Karwal, our Chief Revenue Officer and Saranjit Sangar, the Chief Executive Officer of GeniusU.  You can watch the replay here


Genius Group has announced its plan, approved by the Board, for the spinoff of subsidiary Entrepreneur Resorts Ltd to create shareholder value as it will streamline and rationalize the group’s operations into Genius Group Ltd with its Edtech focus, and Entrepreneur Resorts Ltd, with its hospitality focus, enabling the management teams of both companies to grow their respective business models most effectively.

Entrepreneur Resorts Ltd operates Vision Villas in Bali, Tau and Matla game lodges in South Africa and co-working cafes in Bali and Singapore.

Roger says about the plan: “We are fortunate to already have two public listed companies within the group, making a spinoff a viable option. While the MERJ exchange does not have high trading liquidity like the NYSE American, our future plan is to list Entrepreneur Resorts on a larger exchange.”

You can read further information about it here


Our virtual Wealth Dynamics Masters is taking place from Monday 13th to Friday 17th February.  This is an amazing week long programme to create a totally crisis-proof plan for the next 12 months, allowing your business to fully digitise and double in size.  One of our most popular programmes available – don’t miss out!

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If you’re based in the APAC region, you’ll be interested to know that our Education Revolution Masterclasses with Roger are starting on February 9th.

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And if you’d like to know more about how your finances are being attacked, join Investment Mastery’s FREE Investment Masterclass on February 9th.

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