In this week’s Property Education video, Simon Zutshi, author of Property Magic, founder of the property investors network (pin), a successful property investor since 1995, answers frequently asked questions regarding Lease Option Agreements in the UK.

Simon begins his Property Questions Q&A on Lease Options by stressing how Lease Option Agreements are probably one of the most misunderstood yet powerful Property Investing tools you can make use of with your property investing. A lot of Property Investors are either completely unaware of Lease Options, or just don’t understand Lease Option Agreements and how to use them.

What is a Lease Option? You can enter a Lease Option Agreement Contract with the seller of an asset, whereby you have the right to buy the asset, but not the obligation to do so, for a fixed price within a certain time period. With a Lease Option Explained, finding out more about How to Do Lease Option Agreements Right will be beneficial for your Property Investing in the UK.

Simon’s other questions include ‘Are Options Suitable for New Property Investors?’, to which he underlines why they absolutely are. When it comes to Structuring Lease Option Deals, they can be used in conjunction with every Property Investing Strategy such as Commercial to Residential, Title Splitting, HMO Property and Serviced Accommodation.

Learn more about Lease Options vs Rent to Rent alongside How to Negotiate a LOA at the end of your Lease Option Agreement Period, should you need to. Simon also covers how you can buy your Lease Option Deal, whether this is through a mortgage, Joint Venture Partnership or Bridging Finance.

Finally, Simon outlines how 2023 is going to be a fantastic time to acquire property using creative property investing strategies such as Lease Options.

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