This week, Simon has released a brand-new video update on the state of the current property market. Interest rates are rising again, so find out how it could impact your Property Investing in the UK.

With the UK Base Interest Rate at 4%, Simon begins his Property Market Update by stressing how this is the highest Interest Rates have been in the last 14 years. He continues his February 2023 Update by explaining how the cost of your mortgage interest payments may have tripled over the past 12 months if you have a Variable Rate Mortgage.

After talking through Fixed vs Variable Mortgages, he underlines how those who previously didn’t switch to a Fixed Rate Mortgage, are more likely to face an issue with Interest Rates Rising in 2023. When it comes to UK Property Investing, Simon emphasizes that we will be seeing more landlords looking to sell right now, resulting in more sellers than there are buyers.

As part of his February Mortgage Interest Rate Update, he also discusses whether we are going to see a UK House Price Crash 2023. Whilst many property investors are going to be nervous, it is going to be an incredible buying opportunity for property investors who are brave enough to take action.

Simon summarizes his Housing Market Update on The Truth About the Interest Rate Rise by highlighting how exciting the upcoming months are going to be for those property investors who are ready to seize the 2023 property market opportunity.

In 2023 Property Investors will come across more Motivated Sellers who may sell at a discounted price and be open to Creative Finance Strategies such as Lease Option Agreements or Vendor Finance. After following the right Property Investing Tips, it is a great time to be a UK Property Investor, as long as you know what you are doing.


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