Are Aparthotels worth it? If you’re interested in becoming a successful property investor, it’s worth considering Apart Hotels as a key property investing strategy going forward.

This week, I’ve been talking to Stuart and Carly about their property journeys prior to, and after joining my 12 Month Property Mastermind Property Training. Carly outlines just how impactful attending pin Meetings as part of your Property Networking can be, whilst Stuart emphasizes how previous Co Living and Serviced Accommodation knowledge can be applied to Apart Hotel Projects and building your Property Portfolio.

What is an Apart Hotel? Combining their expert UK Property Investing knowledge, Stuart and Carly demonstrate how to disrupt a traditional model with a C1 Building, originally operating as 8 Units. After maximizing space they were able to successfully create 12 Units, with a combination of both Suites and Micro Studios in their first Apart Hotel in Brighton.

Carly and Stuart then elaborate on their £775k purchase, summarizing their all-in cost including Refurbishment and Finance being £950k. This particular Property Investment was revalued at the Bank at 1.5m and has obtained an impressive operational profit of £160k!


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