In this week’s property education video, I’ll be showing you the best way to calculate your return on investment, which is essential when deciding whether something is a good Property Investment in the UK or not. It’s also how you directly compare one property investment with another. Calculating returns on a rental property will allow you to speed up your success and focus on highly profitable property deals only.

I’ll also be discussing the ROI percentages you should expect from Buy to Let, House of Multiple Occupancy, Rent to Rent Deals and Lease Option agreements. HMOs in particular are my favourite property investing strategy for generating high cash flow and a good return on investment.

Knowing how to maximise your ROI is key when building your Property Portfolio. Minimizing the amount of money you initially put into a property investment using a Lease Option Agreement or R2R Strategy will give you a higher return.

A mistake I see many UK Property Investors make when utilizing a BRRR Method is not doing delas if they need to leave some money in the property investment. For the benefit of your ROI calculation: if there needs to be money left in some Property Deals, it doesn’t necessarily have to be your own money, especially if there is a high ROI which means you can afford to pay another property investor a good rate of interest of their money.


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