In today's digital world, it is good to be able to seize the opportunity to explore real-world issues and personally meaningful projects with students. Educators can use digital tools, apps and resources to expand learning opportunities and allow students to develop essential lifelong skills. Students can use their imagination to identify something that is of interest to them, work out a solution, and be innovative with their creative responses. 

On the 14th of June, Karen Bonanno will host a webinar discussing why real-world projects are essential for student learning and skills development, how the project ideas can be generated and created in a digital age, key steps to consider when designing project-based activities, teaching practices to keep in mind, and assessment options to address learning outcomes. 

She will also share examples of classroom projects that address real-world issues, including projects that have been turned into global organisations that have attracted worldwide attention and brought about significant change in how we take care of our planet. 

Karen Bonanno is a Certified Genius School Educator working with parents and students worldwide.

For more information and to enrol for this webinar, please click here. Tickets are $40.00 for this live professional learning digital session.

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