In this week’s Property Education video, I’ll be discussing a recent rise to interest rates in 2023 and the impact it’s likely to have on UK property investing.

The current interest rates are in crisis with the base rate now at 4.5%, the highest interest rates since 2008, which means this update could be essential to staying ahead of the market changes that are on the way.

Whilst there was a property crash in 2008, it was still a great time to be involved with property investments in the UK, providing you knew what you were doing with your property investing. This is a similar situation in 2023 with a falling property market, but you must utilize the best property investing strategies for the housing market right now.

Some landlords, who have variable mortgages as opposed to fixed mortgages, are now paying more interest each month than the rental income they are generating from their investment property, which might cause some landlords to sell their investment property and cash in on the great capital growth over the past decade.

In this video I’ll also be giving my property price prediction and sharing my thoughts on whether we will experience a housing market collapse in 2023, like the property crash in 2008.

If you’re interested in becoming a successful property investor with interest rates up, you should be looking at high cash flow generating property strategies such as HMO Property Investing or Serviced Accommodation. With an increase in demand for HMO Property it’s essential that you invest in High End HMO’s / Co Living in order to provide high quality accommodation.

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