🙌 Here’s the Success Story of one of our valued members, Paul Vesey-Brown from Australia:

“Preface: I am a Lord! So, My paragraphs will be short and to the point! If you prefer bullet points, Lords come in at the end WD makes life simple. Humans are predictable. You can choose to be whatever It’s your decision Live life with values you want to be remembered for If you don’t know your profile, do it! If you prefer to read sentences. Since discovering a few years ago that my WD Profile is a Lord it is amazing how simply knowing that has helped to justify the decisions that I have made in the past! Entering my story this late is such a typical Lord thing to do coming in at the end and make logic of the whole situation! Knowing the entire WD system makes life so simple, doesn’t it? I mean, if you know your profile and you can pick out the profile of another person you are dealing with doesn’t it make it much easier to sell yourself to them Why? Because humans are so predictable and we love routine (well most of us!).


WD is all about finding your ‘flow’ in life. This doesn’t mean you need to become a filthy rich millionaire or the next Ghandi. It means filtering out all the clutter in life and getting on with things. Of course, there is nothing wrong with becoming either of the two life types I mentioned. It is totally a personal DECISION! That’s right, you get to choose who you are in this life. It was once suggested to me by a mentor that we should live our lives with the aim of having our eulogies written the way we would want to be remembered when we have moved on. So if you want to be remembered as being “A gentle person with a big caring heart, always there when needed, always kept his word and will be missed by thousands” then live life with those values. But on the other hand, you may choose to live life like “A miserable grumpy old bugger who cared for nobody but himself, a gold-digger with no morals and will not be missed”.

The choice is yours! So if you’re reading this and haven’t found out your profile. Trust me on one thing, do it! It will make your life much easier and less stressful. Well, that was a bit longer than I expected it was going to be. Who knew a Lord has so many words to get out!”

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