In this week’s Property Education video, I’ll be covering the return of 100% Mortgages and the impact this has on Property Investment in the UK. Will it cause the next housing market crash?

Property Investors should definitely understand how the UK Property Market is changing. Whilst no deposit 100% mortgages mainly affect first time buyers, it still has a knock-on effect on the UK housing market. With 100% Mortgages Explained, we’ll discuss the two main problems associated with first time buyer loans, including housing affordability.

During a Property Market where the Bank of England base rate is relatively high and mortgage affordability is an issue, will there be many people who can actually utilize the first-time buyer 100% mortgage?

I’d encourage first time buyers to consider renting rooms in your property, so that the rent can help to cover your mortgage and bills. The UK Government are actually encouraging homeowners to do this through a Rent a Room Scheme.

Are 100% Mortgages Risky? I’ll be exploring the background on the 2008 Property Market Crash and what we are likely to expect right now in the UK property market. Whilst we know the Housing Market is starting to come down, people could get into negative equity if they take out 100% mortgages and the UK property market continues to fall. I’ll also be explaining what negative equity is.

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