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Entrepreneur Resorts - TAU Game Lodge

Tau Game Lodge recently had an Italian family staying with them. They were delighted to experience the most amazing game drive sighting of the week and recorded a video of a pack of wild hunting dogs.

The wild dogs were seen regularly this week hunting and, in some cases, missed a kill, while in other cases managed to kill an unlucky waterbuck while guests were watching. Winter is slowly ending in South Africa and game drive sightings are improving as the weather gets warmer. 


Tau also had guests from the USA who are doing community work in their communities in the US which ties up well with the Tau Game Lodge Foundation. Tau Foundation is a registered formal entity which does community work and raises funds to assist communities around the Madikwe Game Reserve where Tau Game Lodge is situated.

In the photo above you can see the family with Tau staff during breakfast at the Lapa area which overlooks the water hole.

University of Antelope Valley


image image

Alexandra Sanchez-Ferrer is a remarkable success story of the University of Antelope Valley (UAV). Her journey began with a deep passion for softball, which drew her to commit to UAV for its renowned Softball Program. Alexandra pursued a multifaceted educational path, demonstrating her determination and ambition. She earned an Associates Degree in Health and Fitness, followed by a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Criminal Justice. In addition, she obtained her EMT Certification, showcasing her commitment to both physical and academic pursuits.

While her path may seem smooth, Alexandra did face challenges, particularly as a student-athlete. Balancing academic excellence and sports performance required exceptional time management skills, a hurdle she tackled with grace.

Remarkably, Alexandra completed her educational journey swiftly: her Associate's Degree in two years, Bachelor's in two years, and Master's in just one year. She also secured her EMT Certification in a mere three months.

The impact of education on Alexandra's life is profound. With her degrees in hand, she's giving back to her alma mater as an online Criminal Justice instructor, inspiring the next generation of students. Her story exemplifies dedication, resilience, and the transformative power of education. Her favourite quote, "If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you" reflects her relentless pursuit of growth.


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