🙌 Here’s the Success Story of one of our valued members, Sashen Naidoo from South Africa:

“Here’s to your success and mine…  Up there in the clouds, that’s where my head is, right where it should be, “building castles in the sky”.  My entire life I’ve bounced from pillar to post trying to find success….and it’s always eluded me. What is success? Have you ever felt like no matter how hard you try you can never win, or it’s just too much work, or it’s not fun anymore let alone fulfilling. It seems my entire existence has been just that.

The End:  In 2010 after a few years of wanting to start something I finally decided on leaving the corporate environment and going out on my own  with an arsenal of information and having been introduced to WD I set off to open up a small fruit and veg shop  my mind was ablaze with where I wanted the company to go and the empire I wanted to build. It was fantastic conceptualising ideas and slowly start bringing them to fruitation. The first few months were amazing as I built something out of nothing.

And that’s all it lasted, a few months… You see, I was doing everything & I mean everything…. it became boring, monotonous and drained me. I lost focus (completely) and I was stuck working in the business instead of on it. Needless to say FAILURE came just as quick and I lost it all. Business, capital, car, friends, all disappeared in the wink of an eye. Even family members started doubting my intentions….

The Beginning:  I muddled around in depression for a while (infrared is a scary place) but it was out of my deepest despair that the realisation and understanding of the concepts taught in WD came to me. I had the time and I had my mind. My vivid imagination took me to far off places where I started doing what I do best…..Creating!  Today:   I’m still in search of my success but that much closer. I choose to play only in the area of my greatest flow and by working with others in theirs, opportunities seem limitless.

I have great aspirations and WD has given me new perspective in achieving them. So my friends, I hope that our journey will meet on the same path one day so that together we can achieve great things, for great causes, for the greater good of us all!  Here’s to us!”

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