🙌 Here’s the Success Story of one of our valued members, Sake Stevenhaagen from the Netherlands:

“Where do YOU find your flow? Some activities might be so simple for someone, that we don’t realize that it might actually be very valuable to someone else. Thats only one of the things I realized when I did my Wealth Dynamics Test a few years ago. The most valuable thing it brought me was PERSPECTIVE. It’s like standing on the top of a mountain and seeing the pieces of the puzzle coming together, revealing the whole picture. What works for someone else, doesn’t have to work for me. But what works for another Creator might very well work for me too. And be fun too :) .

Another thing I learned from Wealth Dynamics is to choose and to SAY NO (or not yet ;) ). Ideas come easily for me, but I have challenges with focus and grounding. AND I don’t have to do everything!!! I can help people and businesses with ideas and inspiration and add huge value. And that’s exactly what I do: I work for a small 3-headed company, where we develop a new medicine against inflammatory diseases, like rheumatoid arthritis. Very exciting and making a difference! The results are in the making: The medicine seems to be safe and effective, so it could very well be a billion dollar company within 5 years?.. And for me personally it has brought direction and purpose. What else will Wealth Dynamics bring? The biggest prize you can win is a trip of a lifetime!”

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