🙌 Here’s the Success Story of one of our valued members, Jean Cobine from Australia:

“For many years I have actively searched for what it is I wanted to do with my life. I searched for that one thing that would make me wake up each day excited and ready to embrace the day with energy. I searched for that something that would allow me the financial freedom I wanted so badly for myself and my family. I’ve tried many things, some more successful than others and some a complete disaster!

I love that feeling when I get up each day and can’t wait to work on what gives me the greatest pleasure and fulfillment, but I want to feel it everyday forever.

I decided to reconnect with a friend, Rustica, and seek more information on Wealth Dynamics and the Wealth Dynamics profile test. Rustica answered some concerns I had offering support, encouragement and motivation to discover which path that would be best for me to follow.

Like many women, I have gone through life trying different jobs like MLM, working for employers and being self-employed, only to find that I lose interest, don’t do very well, spend a lot of time and money and then feel like a failure because I haven’t achieved or succeeded.

After taking the Wealth Dynamics profile test it appears that all of these disappointments and heartaches can be avoided if I take the time to learn and identify with what is important and stay in my flow. With the support and encouragement from Rustica I look forward to that something special that I can do to rebuild my confidence and self-esteem.”

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