You've always known that you're called to greatness. There has always been this fire that burns fiercely in your heart, a knowing that your life is supposed to be more than what it has been. You hear this gentle voice within whispering that you are meant for much, much more than you could ever imagine. You have a sense that you play a beautiful part in this life even if you can’t quite make heads or tails of it just yet. You have witnessed numerous clues and signs that tease the potentials and possibilities of your destiny.

But perhaps you've shied away or even retreated from this calling before out of fear of being truly seen for your light. You’ve been shamed for not being quite like everyone else. Maybe your light even terrified you because of the great things that you can do with it, like helping others empower themselves to lead better lives.

And because you couldn’t quite understand why your journey has been the way it has and what it all leads to, you’ve held yourself back. You’ve let doubt and fear take away your power to shine.

No more of that now! Thank you for stepping up to reclaim who you are!

As you take your first steps out into the world to share your sacred presence by returning to your center, aligning with your soul's purpose and mission isn't just a choice; it's your sacred calling and your highest light. This alignment is your guiding light to extraordinary heights on a path of service and spiritual growth where you gain:
1. Profound Fulfillment: When your work aligns with your soul's purpose, every moment is imbued with deep fulfillment. You're not just working; you're fulfilling a divine mission that touches hearts and transforms lives.
2. Enhanced Intuition: Your soul's purpose sharpens your intuition, allowing you to perceive the needs of others with greater clarity. You become a vessel for guidance, offering precisely what is needed for each person's healing journey.
3. Heart-Centered Healing: Your work takes on a new depth when aligned with your soul's mission. You become a channel of love and compassion, radiating healing energy that resonates with the highest good of all.
4. Authenticity and Integrity: Living in alignment with your purpose means living authentically. You uphold the highest ethical standards, creating a sacred space of trust and integrity for those who seek your healing touch.
5. Resonance with Divine Timing: When your work serves your soul's mission, you flow with divine timing. Opportunities, connections, and clients align effortlessly, as if the universe conspires to support your journey.

6. Profound Impact: The ripple effect of your soul-aligned practice touches not only those you directly heal but also those whose lives are transformed by witnessing your magic.
7. Your Hidden Gifts: As you align with your soul mission, you unveil your hidden gifts and talents. You may discover new healing modalities or insights that expand your capacity to serve.
8. Continuous Growth: The journey of sacred service is a path of perpetual growth. Aligning with your mission ensures that every challenge is a stepping stone to greater wisdom, and every success is a testament to the power of sacred service.
9. Empowerment and Resilience: Your mission becomes your wellspring of empowerment. It fuels your resilience and determination, enabling you to face any challenge with unwavering strength.
10. Universal Harmony: Aligning with your soul's mission serves the highest and greatest good. You become a conduit of universal harmony, bringing healing and balance to a world in need.


The Embrace Your Magic soul mission alignment program is your gateway to removing the blocks holding you back from stepping into your authentic, soul-aligned journey of sacred service to others. In three sessions, you will:

  •     Learn about your soul purpose and mission from three frameworks;
  • Make sense of your life’s experiences and milestones in terms of the arc of your soul’s development and expansion in this lifetime according to your soul purpose and soul mission;
  • Map out your soul’s objectives based on your extraordinary blueprints for greatness;
  • Get transformative energy clearings and healings to dissolve stagnant energy and clear emotional clutter around the hidden obstacles and self-limiting beliefs that have been obstructing your path to embracing your soul purpose and mission, paving the way for reclaiming your soul's divine purpose and soul mission;
  • Create a clear action plan for taking your next steps to serving humanity through your soul mission.


  • Understand the many puzzle pieces you’ve gathered over the years in the form of readings, experiences, signs, and synchronicities
  • Get clarity about your soul purpose and your soul mission, the unique path of your soul’s journey in this lifetime;
  • Need support for understanding why things unfolded for you the way they did;
  • Overcome any doubts about why you’re here in this world and what you were meant to do;
  • Heal any obstacles to living your magic;
  • Embark on the exceptional path of greatness that only you can undertake.


3 sessions of 60 minutes each combining mentoring, energy healing & coaching in varying degrees as appropriate to you


focuses on information and wisdom about your calling. You will have the opportunity to ask questions about your divine design for greatness and tap into the guidance of your own soul by learning about your soul blueprints:

  •     Your Human Design Profile - the soul blueprint of your superpowers for engaging with the world
  •     Your Gene Keys Profile - the soul blueprint of your evolution and expansion
  •     Your Starseed Archetype - your cosmic blueprint of service to others on a planetary scale
  •     Q&A About Your Soul Purpose and Soul Mission - contextualize the information learned in this session with respect to all the other clues about your soul mission that you’ve already gotten throughout your journey, ranging from dreams, signs, synchronicities, opportunities, life milestones, and readings from various disciplines like astrology


focuses on energy work to empower you to live your magic the way only you can. You will receive specific kinds of energy clearings and healings to eliminate whatever has held you back from truly owning who you are through:

  •  Mindshifting Blocks to Your Soul Mission - a rapid coaching modality for uncreating programs of limitation or distortion
  •  Energy Clearing & Healing Around Your Soul Mission - multidimensional disentanglement from any and all forms of distortion, constriction, polarization, and limitation around your soul mission
  • Soul Mission Activation - a special kind of healing to initialize energetic processes that facilitate the smoothest, easiest, most graceful experience possible of your soul mission


focuses on making sense of your life as a journey of growth and empowerment to prepare you to be who you are meant to be and setting the stage for your path of sacred service to others with intentions, action plans and next steps.

  • Synthesis (mind) - recap what your soul purpose and soul mission are all about
  • Integration (spirit) - more energy healing on your blueprints, templates, grids, and structures to align, consolidate, and integrate the upgrades activated in dissolving obstacles to your soul mission
  • Action Plan (body) - setting intentions, goals, and objectives plus next steps to embrace your soul mission

By the end of this program, you will have:

  • Learned who you truly are as a radiant soul on a divine mission in this world.
  • Gained a highly potent activation of your magical potential as your unique presence and embodiment.
  • Received healing support to dissolve blockages that have limited your ability to do share your magic with the world.
  • Integrated what you have learned and been learning about yourself in order to plan and act on the next steps to fulfilling your soul mission of sacred service to others.


The journey ahead of living your soul mission holds the promise of profound fulfillment, purpose, and a legacy of your light that will shine brightly through the ages. Imagine how much you could help so many others if you could:

  • Receive clearing for the obstacles to your living your highest light and healing support for claiming your destiny
  • Get clarity on who you are, what you’re here to do and why
  • Reorient yourself on your life in the context of your soul purpose and your soul mission
  • Write the new story of your soul journey in this lifetime
  • Celebrate and truly own your uniqueness

Embark on a soul-led journey of service and spiritual growth. Discover the transformative power of aligning with your soul purpose and soul mission. Embrace your magic today!

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