Pushing against the Tide

Living in flow is probably not how most people would describe their life! We can experience life as a struggle, as if we’re pushing against the tide. I have to admit, my life has been like that often.

However, I have also experienced times when things just seemed to flow, as if by magic, with minimal struggle or effort, with many fortuitous synchronicities marking my trajectory.

For periods, I seem to enter the natural current of my life and who I am.. as if I am being led by the hand of grace.

The first time, it was truly an exhilarating experience, a stark contrast from my regular way of living. When I finally dropped out of it, I was anxious to get back into the beautiful dream I was living. Like a drug, once tasted it was hard to let go of! Ironically and paradoxically, trying to get into the flow, completely stops the experience, as I learnt along the way.

So, began the journey that I had to go on, to understand how “Living in Flow” works!

The concept of living in flow offers an alternative to our usual struggle of fighting with our shadow and life. When we understand how things work, we begin to get a glimpse up the sleeve of the magician’s magic. We can start to live a path of inner peace and fulfilment, allowing our lives to unfold with grace and ease, aligned with our deeper spiritual nature.

In this article, I explore what I’ve learnt so far, to uncover the core concepts of living in Flow, and in the latter part, explore practical strategies for integrating this perspective into our daily lives.

What is Flow?

In 1990, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi published, “Flow — The Psychology of Optimal Experience”, in which he expounded his pioneering research on what he called the “flow state”, revealing the conditions needed to enter this deeply satisfying state of peak performance.

To be clear, what I’m pointing to in this article is a much broader concept, not just entering a “state” when particular conditions are met, but a way of looking at life and your reality, which allows you to live in flow, which is in fact the very nature of existence. We will also look into what is helpful in regaining this perspective, when we drop out of it.

At its essence, living in flow is about synchronising with the natural intelligence at work in the universe — the universal laws and the way things work. Flow invites us to transcend the limited perceptions of our identity and reality, to tap into and align to the underlying unity of the universe and our true nature.

Rather than viewing ourselves as separate individuals navigating life’s journey alone, we can come to understand that we are all interconnected threads in the tapestry of the cosmos, each playing a unique role in the unfolding of the grand design.

What’s life in Flow like?

Live in Flow is an exhilarating experience!

There is a feeling of “rightness” about everything that occurs in my life, with a deep resonance with what happens, that is often accompanied with positive emotions of excitement, joy, inspiration, appreciation, wonder and awe.

Above all, it is full of meaning.

I begin to see the connections between my inner life (thought, emotions and sensations), my words and actions and what starts to happen on the outside. It is the experience of knowing that I’m exactly where I’m meant to be.

However it happens, when somehow we end up in harmony with our true selves and life, we start to live a charmed life, experiencing more flow, with synchronicities showing up, and what feels like encouragement to keep travelling in the way we are.

A synchronicity, by the way, is, “the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection”.

Synchronicities are, I believe, a sign of Flow.

Perhaps you’ve had times like this. But did you stop to ask yourself how it works? And how do you positively cultivate flow?

Identity — A Matter of Perspective

Fundamentally, our experience of life depends on our perspective.

Life is always flowing. It just depends from which vantage point you are looking, whether you consider it as such. Your level of resistance to what IS, and what you make it mean, determines whether you experience it as flow or not.

Since reality is an unfolding process, a flow, the only way for us to experience anything other than flow is by identifying ourselves as separate from what is unfolding, through our personality, aka the ego, which by definition is rooted in the idea of separation.

The ego decides whether or not it likes what’s going on, with a constant commentary on life.

To live a life of flow, we must become aware of this identity, become witness to it, and see how it puts up barriers to experiencing the flow.

As we start inhabiting a part of us, which knows itself as being connected to the whole, the soul, we become aware of a more complete picture and things start to make sense. We connect the dots and create more flow.

“When you take the view of unity and the soul, things start to make sense and flow.”

Free Your Flow

Tap into Intelligence

You begin to see how you create your reality with the power of the content of your consciousness. Whether you are living in a dream or a nightmare, both are of your own doing at some level.

One thing to note here, entering the flow can be a challenge, because the ego often has fixed ideas about how it wants things to turn out. You as the ego might not be very happy about releasing some control of having things the way you want them. You might want a life of flow, but you want things to flow your way!

In my experience, this is normal. However, I can reassure you, I’ve also found that when I’ve allowed that release of control, my life flowed in a direction, even better than the personality could have ever imagined!

It takes courage to surrender to a deeper identity. But I believe that the nature of reality is such that it is in our favour, moving us to wake up, and realise Flow.

There is Innate Intelligence in the design and we just need to start to pay attention to it.

Responsiveness of Reality

Quantum Physicist, Sky Nelson-Isaacs suggests, in his book, “Living in Flow”, that we influence reality by the intentions we hold, and the decisions we make. And, in fact, we increase the chances of synchronistic events occurring in our lives, because of those choices.

What in essence he is saying is that our intention to have a certain type experience, and the act of taking action towards having that experience, influences reality, to present opportunities for us to have that experience.

Effectively, “When you take a step towards something the Universe takes a step towards you”.

This points to a benevolent Universe. However, asking the question, Nelson-Isaacs comes to the conclusion that it’s neither, ‘benevolent’, “indifferent” nor “outrightly against us”.

He claims that the Universe is responsive, as per foundational theory in Quantum Mechanics. Material reality is not separate from the Observer (us). It responsive to our intention and action, (and I would add the whole content of our consciousness, the thought, emotions and even unconscious beliefs/thoughts we hold in fibre of our bodies), because mind and matter are not in fact separate!

Reality holds a mirror up to us, and shows us ourselves.

Who do you want to be?

Wow, if that is the case, that is huge!

If material reality really is responsive to us, that’s like saying, God is telling you that you are God! And really, whatever you say (or rather whatever you hold in your consciousness) is so. Or in the words of the old Burger King slogan, “Have it your way!”

This is reassuring to me, because whatever is happening in my life, it is showing me myself and eventually through this process I will finally see how I’m creating my life and stop creating experiences and then protesting about them.

So, it really seems like we live in a benevolent Universe after all, since it gives us the greatest power, it gives us our desire.

It’s like reality is designed to help you wake up to how you’re creating your reality and have experiences you deeply want. It is a process leading us into more and more Flow.

Flow in Practice

Can we train or adopt a practice to “get into Flow”?

The answer to this question is, I think, Yes and No!

Ultimately, we are already in the flow of life. We cannot not be, since existence is an unfolding process of which we are an intrinsic part.

So there is in fact, nowhere to get to, and trying hard to get into the Flow can be a trap. Just like the illusion that, “you’ll be happy when you achieve or get X (fill in the blank)”. The reality is, as soon as you get it, you want Y, and so continue on the hamster wheel.

Living a life in Flow is not really about adding something. It’s more about letting something drop — whatever is in the way of your experiencing life as Flow.

Yes, we are already in Flow, however we might not be perceiving it as such!

So, I believe that we can also adopt a way of thinking (some of which I outlined earlier) which facilitates the experience of being in Flow. We can adopt practices which help, until we naturally learn to reside in the perception of it.

We will consider some of these below, but prior to that, what is crucial is to adopt the right attitude.

Attitude & Faith

Attitude is everything! How we frame things and the attitude we have profoundly influences the experience we have of life.

Perhaps a good question to ask then would be…

What attitude is needed to experience life as Flow?

What if you knew that everything is unfolding in your life perfectly?

If you had this attitude and way of viewing your life, then certainly it could lead you to more Flow.

Spiritual teacher, Michael Beckwith, describes 4 levels of consciousness or attitudes, which seem to point to an ever greater experience of Flow, through a change in perception of who we are and how we relate to our experience of life.

Here’s are his 4 levels:

1. Life happens to me — Victim — Characterised by struggle and powerlessness. Things outside myself determine my experience. There is a lack of agency.

2. Life happens by me — Manifestor — I am an active agent in my life. I can create it through the power of my thoughts, emotions and actions.

3. Life happens through me — Channel — I allow and surrender to what is coming through me. My identity becomes transparent.

4. Life happens as me — Oneness — Complete merging into the unfolding process of life, their is no separation left.

As we move through these levels, our identity changes, there is less of the ego, separate consciousness and more unity consciousness, with more resulting flow, until there is nothing but Flow.

As Zen priest, writer, and artist, Hakuin Ekaku wrote, “If you forget yourself, you become the universe.”


A way to step through these different levels of consciousness and so enter the Flow is to begin to meet reality as it is.

We cannot be in flow denying and resisting what is.

No matter what is happening in our lives, the first step is to accept things as they are. By meeting life where it is, we start the flow again. In denying anything, we are denying Life itself and constricting the Flow.

I remember a time in my life when I first experienced living in Flow. It was a difficult moment, when a relationship I was in was ending, one which I didn’t want to finish!

Somehow, through the pain of it, I decided that I didn’t want to suffer any longer, and the only thing to do that was to accept the situation and surrender to what was. From the moment I did, it felt like my life started to flow again.

It was an important lesson, one which I began to apply in as many aspects of my life as possible.

Say YES!

I developed a practice of “Saying YES”, to things as they were, at least internally. That didn’t mean that I didn’t do anything about situations I was unhappy about, but in the first instance my reaction was to accept.

Ironically, this had the magically effect, where I began to feel more at peace and even solutions to those situations which I was unhappy with, started to come to me.

Sometimes, meeting life where it is takes vulnerability and courage, to admit what’s under the surface to ourselves and to others.

When we relinquish our attachment to outcomes and trust in the inherent wisdom of the universe, we open ourselves to a state of grace where miracles can occur.

Surrendering to the divine flow means surrendering to the present moment, fully embracing what is, and trusting that everything is unfolding exactly as it should.


To surrender is a challenge because our limited self, wants to keep control and feels threatened by annihilation! Losing control is death!

But surprisingly there is an afterlife that is bigger than the meagre existence under the dictatorship of the ego.

I experienced this at one point, when I unwittingly liquidated a great part of my ego identity, the one based on having a stable job with status and a home.

Suddenly, the person I knew myself to be, centred around these circumstances, disappeared, and yet here I still was! But now unsure of who that was. That was a very unsettling but yet a beautiful moment, where I found a deeper foundation for my identity, not based on anything that can change.

In that not-knowing, I truly got in touch with my Being.

Flow is an experience of being in that open space. It means cultivating comfort with the Unknown, ever more nourished by the mystery of each moment and the unfolding of ourselves and our life.

Rest in the Unknown

Unattended our minds tend to drift off into the past or the future, both of which are experienced through our familiar patterns of thought.

Not only that, but we experience even the present through our habitual ways of thinking.

To experience flow, we must be ready to drop the familiar.

Being in flow, is a state of emptiness and oneness at the same time, of losing the self and not knowing what is next.

When you disappear you make room for what is and what wants to be.

Our egos don’t particularly like the unknown. They try to keep control and make things familiar.

Obviously in many contexts the ego fights hard to retain control and have the appearance of knowing. Even our incessant thinking to solve our “problems” can be an underhand way of maintaining this control.

However, resting in the silence between our mental chatter, can reveal new information and avenues for exploration. It’s like taking a moment to listen to the music of your life and seeing how you are moved by it.

Living in Flow vs Going with the flow

Is “Living in Flow” and “Going with the Flow” the same?

No. They are subtly different but they can overlap. Living in Flow can include going with the Flow and accepting things as they are, but living in Flow is also a co-creative act which sometimes involves persisting and pushing through.

Like, for example, building muscles involves pushing against the resistance and discomfort. You don’t give up, after just one rep, seeing you haven’t got abs, and say it’s just not meant to be!

What’s important is who is in command of the effort you are making, and whether it is aligned with your deeper self. When ideas become fixed and there is no energy, that’s often when you know that the ego is in charge.


Flow, synchronicity and meaning are inherently connected. What we determine as Flow is intimately related to the meaning we assign to our life and our intentions or desires. We label events as synchronistic when they seem to be relevant to the previously assigned meaning.

Being conscious of our intentions and therefore the meaning of our lives, invites more Flow and Synchronicity, since with this awareness, we are sensitive to the currents, and opportunities for the fulfilment of our desires.

I don’t necessarily mean that you need to have specific goals for all the external things you want in your life (although that can be useful at times), but more the deeper meaning of the kinds of qualitative experience you desire, and also the kind of person you want to be.

I’ve always had the sense that I want to live a “magical” life. Looking closer, what I mean by this is that I want to live a life full of meaning and awareness, and for me to perceive this meaning. I want to live in a rich story, one in which I align to the deeper truth of who I am and how I am creating my reality.

I guess that’s what got me doing this work and writing about this topic!

Purposeful Action

Because the Universe is responsive to us, and we are a particular expression of the whole, with a unique flavour, perhaps our only job is to tune into that unique soul expression, and allow it to shine through.

We need to find out what our lives are truly about, what drives us and what we’re here to create.

When we discover what our mission in life is, and what brings us meaning, it gives our lives the central plot. Knowing what our story is about, allows us to navigate and discern whether we are moving aligned to the flow, or not.

A Work in Progress

Many people struggle to find a meaning. Sure, this can be a process, but the clues are already present in your life.

Don’t worry if you’re not quite sure what the meaning is.

If you are unclear, you can simply decide upon a meaning, starting with your best guess.

What moves you right now?

Perhaps it is “to be the best role model for your child”, or “to make a contribution to a pressing problem in the world, such as climate change”. It doesn’t have to be big or for rest of your life, just something that’s important to you now, that you wish to work towards and experience. You can refine what you choose over time.

Next, start to take purposeful action, i.e. action that’s aligned with your declared meaning. This gives you your mission. Actually declaring it out loud, or to another human being can be powerful.

Whatever it is, once you’ve declared a meaning, you can be rest assured that opportunities and challenges will arise for you to live into your mission.

See what shows up. Perhaps further opportunities will turn up which allow you to go deeper into your meaning, or maybe you will encounter obstacles or limits in yourself that stop you from moving towards what you chose, leading to reflect and find the most appropriate response. All of which is part of learning to surf the Flow.

Play your way to Flow

We can often take life too seriously and in fact this can take us away from an experience of Flow. When there is tension, we limit flow.

In play, we drop the focus on the result, and instead get lost in the process. Play is inherently “flow-full”. We are in the moment, and at once enjoying it with curious openness of exploring what comes next. There is no anticipation, instead a sense of wonder and adventure.

Relax into Flow

There is a little known secret to a life of Flow. It is this…


Relaxation is a state of flow and invites Flow. When things seem to be getting stressful and feel like they are not flowing, one of the best things you can do to get back in touch with Flow again, is to relax. Do what you can to relax your nervous system, through your body or mind.

Even an athlete in peak performance is tremendously relaxed. There is an easy sense of doing. All their energies are aligned in the moment, with the task at hand.

There is neither dispersion nor fragmentation. Their ego identity either disappears momentarily or is aligned with a deeper spiritual self.

I believe we can move through this adventure of life a lot more lightly, and when we do, it will flow more.

Perhaps, we can take a moment to laugh.

We might even get the Cosmic Joke!

Navigation & Alignment

Our lives are made of decisions and we can invite more Flow depending on the choices we make, as each decision influences future opportunities. When we align our decision with our highest consciousness, the part of us that is aware of the underlying unity of existence, our the soul, we experience more Flow, as we open to the one process of the universe that is unfolding and act in harmony with it and our true selves.

Through this meeting, we can experience “life happening through me”, as a channel, accessing universal intelligence into this particular apparently separate form.

To make these choices in alignment with our soul, we need access to a part of us that is already connected, our intuition.


The messenger of the soul, our intuition is a powerful tool for navigating the complexities of life and making decisions that are in alignment with our highest good. Yet, in a world that often values logic and reason over intuition and instinct, it can be easy to dismiss the subtle nudges of our inner voice. Living in flow requires learning to trust our intuition and follow its guidance, even when it may seem irrational or illogical.

By quieting the mind, tuning in to the wisdom of our heart, and honouring the insights that arise from deep within, we can allow ourselves to be led in an artful life of flow. But, we must not only listen but also act on its promptings.

“The whole essence of bringing art into life is learning to listen to that guiding voice.” — Stephen Nachmanovitch

I think this not only applies to art but also to our entire lives. We are works of art and so are our lives.

Indicator of Flow

Intuition and the experience of being in Flow have the quality of being tuned into life.

Both are experiences where we’re like a musical instrument, which is receptive to the music of life and the song that wants to be played through us. The tune we begin to play also somehow feels perfect for our instrument.

Something just feels right, perhaps more than an emotion, a kind of resonance, as if suddenly our body and mind synchronise, producing the perfect note, like a resounding ring of a bell. Something rings true and there is no room for doubt.

This “rightness” comes when all our parts are pulling in the same direction, so we even get an internal feeling of flow; it is the integration of the different parts of us, our soul, ego, body, mind and heart.

Follow the Flow

We can learn to recognise this “rightness”. For me, it also seems to be a surge in energy, like enthusiasm and a feeling of joy.

Interestingly, the word enthusiasm comes from the Greek for “filled with theos” or filled with God!

When we engage in activities which resonate with our Being, we experience these positive emotions. It’s as if our heart sings.

We can attune to these feelings, as a way of finding the activities for which we are built, the ones that are natural environments where we can expand the time we spend in flow.

Obstacles to Flow

Floating is a kind of relaxation, surrender, a sort of non-doing. Imagine floating in a river, if you allow yourself to be supported and taken by the currents, the water carries you around any obstacles, and you will eventually reach the ocean.

I believe flow is not something to attain, but to let go into, akin to floating in water.

So, the key question becomes…

What’s getting in the way of flow?

You can ask this at any moment in your day or life.

Ask the question and simply listen for the response.

Listen with your whole being.

What you might find is that you are unconsciously blocking the experience of Flow.

Common Blocks to Flow

Here are some common ways that happens:

Lack of Self-Awareness: Failing to cultivate self-awareness and understanding can lead to a sense of disconnect from one’s true desires and values, preventing us from aligning our actions with our authentic selves and experiencing a deeper sense of fulfilment.

Rigid Mindset: Being overly judgmental, approaching things with a rigid mindset, with fixation on specific outcomes, and a resistance to change, can limit creativity and flexibility, preventing us from adapting to new challenges and opportunities.

Negative Thought Patterns: Negative thought patterns, such as self-doubt, self-criticism, pessimism, overthinking or rumination, can create mental barriers that inhibit flow.

Fear of Failure: Excessive worry about the future and fear of failure or making mistakes can paralyse and prevent us from taking risks or stepping outside our comfort zones, limiting our ability to explore new possibilities.

Perfectionism: Striving for perfection can create unrealistic expectations and a constant sense of dissatisfaction, making it difficult to find contentment and fulfilment in the present moment.

Lack of Mindfulness: Failure to cultivate mindfulness and presence can lead to a sense of disconnection from the present moment, making it difficult to fully engage in the flow of life and appreciate its beauty and complexity.

External Distractions: Allowing ourselves to be constantly bombarded by external distractions, such as technology or social media, can disrupt our ability to focus and be present in the moment, hindering flow.

Unhealthy Lifestyle Habits: Poor lifestyle habits, such as lack of sleep, unhealthy diet, or sedentary behaviour, can impair our physical and mental well-being, When our internal flow is limit, it makes it difficult to cultivate the energy and vitality needed to fully create our lives.

In some of the ways above, we create energetic blockages that impede the natural flow of life.


Meditation can be a great practice for living in Flow. It is in fact training in adopting a perspective of flow.

In essence, meditation involves simply sitting and observing your thoughts without getting carried off by them. Watching the river, without jumping in, so to speak.

And, if you do find that you’re suddenly floating downstream on the raft of your thoughts, when you realise you just come back to the riverbank, with kindness, without beating yourself up about it, and continue observing.

In this way, meditation is observing the flow of the river, perhaps you get wet, but with practice, you know that essentially you are dry.


Mindfulness is meditation expanded and applied in our lives.

It is defined as aware of what is, as it is, without preference. So, if you are mindful, you are in flow because you are in experience without resistance.

Looking at it another way, from the point of view of consciousness, when you are mindful, you ARE the Awareness which is Experiencing a Story.

You are kind of like a screen on which a movie is being projected. Interestingly, we’re all in the same movie, except you’re seeing a particular part of it, from a particular place.

But, as you read my words, our movies somehow intersected, through time and space!

By bringing our attention to the present moment, without judgment, we can free ourselves from the grip of past regrets and future anxieties, and fully immerse ourselves in the richness of life as it unfolds. It enables us to experience the beauty and wonder of existence with fresh eyes, opening us to the magic and mystery that surrounds us and that we are.

With mindfulness you can even begin to observe yourself and see the unfolding of your wonderful story.

Presence — Ultimate Flow

We really only experience anything other than flow from the perspective of the ego and its limited viewpoint. There is a simple way you can start to experience more flow in your life, and that is to develop more Presence, by adopting the position of the Observer. This is in fact, what we call Mindfulness.

So what would happen if you moved the viewpoint to include all of the personality.

Take a minute to try it out.

Simply notice…
What are you sensing in your body… Which sensations are here now?
What are you feeling?… Which emotions are you aware of?
What are you thinking?… What kinds of thoughts are going through your mind?

Simply watch, like you’re watching a movie.

It’s like zooming back enough, to include yourself in the view. observing from a viewpoint which includes, sensations in the body, emotions and thoughts.

From this place, you can also begin to see how the inside and outside are connected. In fact, there really is no inside or outside.

Everything is in a constant state of flux, however, there is something that is unchanging, the still point from which you’re observing.

And as you observe, things that are not quite visible right now, begin to come into view.

From this place of observer, if I include myself in the observation, everything is Flow, all the time! You are now living the definition of Mindfulness: Aware of what’s happening, while it’s happening, without preference.

It’s this without preference that’s the tricky part, since we live in the personality and it is basically made up of preferences! But if you include those preferences in your observation, you come into contact with a much bigger space and identity.

Flow Explained — the Ultimate and Relative

As we mentioned at the start, Flow is often described as an experience of losing oneself in some activity.

But what are we losing? Not all of us is lost! Just our separate self, and our mental noise, thereby giving us the exquisite experience of integrity, oneness and ease. We merge for moments with life!

Our awareness is so immersed in the experience that there is no attention left for our separate self, our personality.

But, there is also another way that this can happen, when we include all of our personality in Awareness, we also “disappear” as if by magic!

We can observe our personality as yet more experience, which is made up of thoughts, emotions, and sense impressions of sight, sound, taste, smell and touch (including boldily sensations).

You can see these two ways of Flow represented in the diagram below:

Map of Experience

You can experience Flow by being completely outside or all the way inside experience.

At point A, we open our attention, so that it includes our personality.
At point B, we narrow our attention, so that we are not aware of our personality.

In fact, it’s like these two point as in fact the same. A and B coincide in space. At both points, we are Awareness having an Experience!

These two ways of experiencing are parallels to the type of attention we employ in life.

We can either have focused attention, like a narrow beam of light, a torch, illuminating a very specific aspect of our experience or we can have open attention, which lights up all aspects of our experience, as a lightbulb in a room.

Either way, the personality doesn’t produce the experience of separation or a lack of flow.

Running — An experience of Flow

I had a concrete experience of the above while running.

Focusing on the sensations of running, in the background, I could observe a sort of resistance, my ego complaining!

It’s funny because these complaints weren’t even so obviously visible to me, but a sort of undercurrent, just at or below the level of the conscious mind. However, as I persisted in simply focusing on the sensations, it seemed like it just gave up, as if it said, “he’s not listening to me, so there’s no point in complaining!”

When that happened, there was dropping of resistance, as if someone released the brake; it felt like there was a new release of energy and a feeling of power.

I was no longer running; running felt like it was just happening, with me as an observer of the experience and sensations of running.

Inner Creation

Perhaps these, 3 points, in the diagram above, could be labeled as, self-unconscious (B), self-conscious (C), self-superconscious (A).

The advantage of including our personality in observation is that we start to see the connection between our inner and outer experience. And as we start to see how we are creating our realities, it allows us to make better choices.

We can cultivate our experience, starting with what goes on inside in our thoughts and feelings. We are always free to choose where we put our attention, and the vibration we wish to perpetuate.

These inner vibrations translate into our outer circumstances, through the actions they inspire. This in turn, begin to influence our future thoughts and feelings.

As we move further into Flow, by aligning with the awareness of Unity, we are harnessing the Intelligence and Creativity that formed our mind and body and all of existence. The same intelligence that beats our heart and lets us breathe without our conscious intervention, becomes available to us, opening us to insight, inspiration, and intuition.

Thoughts and feelings start to come from this consciousness, which lets us be our potential and create the lives we deeply desire.

Effortless Flow

By its nature, Flow is an experience of effortlessness. It is the nature of existence and what is actually happening. We can learn to tap into that, rather than it being something we have to create.

Allow thoughts to arise in our awareness, rather than thinking so hard. We can be acted through, done, so to speak, rather than doing so much.

It’s not something we need to work hard at, but we can be supported by the nature of the Universe.

We are designed to experience flow, and all resistance and obstacles are in fact leading us back to Flow.

So, my gentle question is this:
What can be a catalyst for us to experience Flow?

One small thing we can add which will, lead us to a life of Flow, which can take us from the duality of experience to the unity of the Experiencer.

My answer to this question is…

Whenever I’m experiencing something that is unwanted, it is through the thought of “unwanted”, I am experiencing it, and not the thing in and of itself.

I am experiencing my thought, not the thing itself!

This insight leads me to become aware of my part in the Flow, and through it, I naturally re-align myself to my highest good and the flow of life.

Flow for the World

I would say, living in flow is a profound journey of spiritual awakening and self-discovery. It is also an act of service and kindness.

By changing our attitude on how we approach life and our perspective on our experience, and who we are, we lay the foundation for a life of Flow.

Further, by exploring and clarifying what is meaningful for us, we can be attentive to the current of a greater Intelligence. Cultivating mindfulness we can allow obstacles to dissolve in the waters of our loving attention, inviting synchronicities, and truly living a magical life as a sacred and joyous adventure. As we do we unlock our infinite potential, letting intuition, inspiration, and creativity flood in!

My wish for us is that we may all find the courage to surrender to the divine flow and live in harmony with our true nature, knowing that in doing so, we become vessels for love, light, and transformation in the world.

Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash

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