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Roger jan29

How can you become an authority in your industry?

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  I’m writing from Beverly Hill, Hollywood, where I have spent the last few days with the founder of the X Prize, Peter Diamandis, and the decoder of our DNA,[...]

Roger 23 jan

3 Steps to find your life purpose

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Do you believe you can make a difference in the world? I believe you can – and that we share a similar sense of life purpose. I’m writing to you[...]

Roger 15 jan

The worst mistake I have made

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Entrepreneurs Institute is a leading entrepreneur education group founded by Social Entrepreneur & Futurist, Roger James Hamilton. The mission behind is to empower and inspire entrepreneurs to follow their flow.[...]

Roger 8 jan

5 steps to great decisions

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As an Entrepreneur, have you ever got stuck undecided or procrastinated about big decisions for months? Do you want to know the best steps to make great decisions in a[...]

Roger 2 jan

The secret to grow your flow

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Are you ready for a big 2015? Have you ever wondered whether the most successful people set new year resolutions? Or do they prepare for the future in other ways?[...]

Roger 24 dec

3 steps to find your passion

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In the spirit of living in passion, here is Episode 10 of Entrepreneur TV: How to profit from your passion in 2015. Why do so many people follow their passion[...]

Roger 18 dec

The key equation to flow

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What are the rules that allow us to understand and grow flow? Unlock the key to flow in 2015 with Episode 9 of Entrepreneur TV that brings all of the[...]

Roger 11 dec

How to multiply your value

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How do some people earn 10x more than others without needing to work 10x harder? In episode 8 of Entrepreneur TV, learn how to multiply your own value with a[...]

Roger 4 dec

How to Increase your Income

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How fast can you earn an extra $1,000 to $10,000? Watch Episode 7 of Entrepreneur TV, where the focus is on how to increase your income with an extra ‘0’[...]

Roger nov28

How to create your million dollar plumbing system

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  In Episode 6 of the Entrepreneur TV, learn the four simple steps to earn million dollar , by implementing up a cash and bank system that can scale from[...]

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