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IBM and Visa Turn Any Connected Device Into A Point of Sa...

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Via a first of a kind collaboration, IBM and Visa are bringing the point of sale everywhere by allowing businesses to quickly introduce secure payment experi...
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The Rise Of Artificial Intelligence In Travel 🇬🇧

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all around us. Countless applications are deploying techniques such as Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to im...
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Climate Change Is the World’s Biggest Risk, in 3 Charts

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In its annual risk review, the World Economic Forum ranked climate change among its most likely and impactful risks in 2017.
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End Global Warming
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Sea level rise: Miami and Atlantic City fight to stay abo...

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Sea levels are rising. For many cities on the the eastern shores of the United States, the problem is existential. We take a look at how Miami and Atlantic City are tackling climate change, and the challenges they face under a skeptical Trump...
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How Environment Can Turn Mediocre NBA Players Into Stars

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The environment the Philadelphia 76ers created offered more opportunity for "bad" NBA players. That same environment turned those players into go...
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World Sparrow Day: ‘Sparrows getting extinct a dangerous ...

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When was the last time you saw a sparrow roaming in your garden, chirruping around the small house you hanged for it to build its nest and make your home a lively place
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Poverty in Germany reaches new record high

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The welfare organisation Paritätische Wohlfahrtsverband presented its latest report on poverty in Germany at the beginning of March. According to this study, poverty in Germany reached a new record high in 2015, at 15.7 percent, with 12.9 million...
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How getting to know their octopus increased a fishing vil...

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AND helped with local marine conservation. In an area where some struggle to eat, this community tried closing its fishing areas for a year to allow local marine life to flourish...
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Sustainability execs fear 'poor' progress on UN developme...

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Global survey reveals concerns about 'meagre' progress against Sustainable Development Goals,Management ,Sustainable Development Goals,Sustainability executives