Welcome to the City Host Level 1 Partner Certification! You’re joining at an exciting time for the Genius Group as we launch this new comprehensive certification for our trusted partners.


This certification is primarily for GeniusU mentors who have joined the partnerships community as Ciry Host Level 1 Partners. By becoming accredited as a City Host, which is a Level 1 Community Partner, you will become one of our official partners recognised for your world-class training, expertise in community building, advanced mentoring skills, detailed knowledge of Wealth Dynamics principles, with a shared vision with Genius Group.


City Host Level 1 Partners consist of mentors, partners, Flow Consultants, and Performance Consultants who are clear on the impact they are wanting to make in their communities and businesses. This pathway will help you as a community partner to find your place in the education revolution.


Microdegree Outcomes

Thank you for joining the GeniusU Partner community! By taking these next steps in helping us decentralise the education system, you will receive a full certification that will assist you in your journey of designing, building, and delivering your curricula. As an accredited Level 1 Community Partner, you will be invited to join our exclusive group coaching to grow your business.

On completion of this certification, you will:

Your Microdegree Mentor
Michelle Nolting
Michelle Nolting Mentor

Michelle Nolting is the Regional Manager of EMEA. She has a background in financial planning and business consulting, and has worked her way up to Head of Operations and Business Development in the corporate world. She also runs a business coaching practice helping entrepreneurs build their teams, keep to their strengths, increase their revenue streams, and improve their business processes.

Purchase -- USD 1500.00