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Layne Change
United States
We help you take the next right step in growing your business, specializing in mentoring along the wealth spectrum steps and building beautiful, automated systems to optimize your operations.
Top Purpose: 14 Reduced Inequalities

We're on a mission to equip & empower female entrepreneurs in self-awareness, self-mastery, & self-expression while growing a biz in unforced rhythms of grace-pace. 

To be our best, we desire focus, flow, and that "balance" we all crave! We believe that we can create that harmony and we're here to help you get it while growing a profitable and sustainable business.

A systems designer, business strategist, and executive coach, Danette educates female entrepreneurs and women in business, helping them create streamlined and profitable businesses in a cadence that maintains their health and happiness at home.

Danette’s business growth and lifestyle philosophies are founded in energy management and “take the next right aligned step” focus on growing your business. 

Through her live presentations and workshops and online training, Danette equips businesswomen and entrepreneurs with the knowledge of how to stay the course while growing a business by using the path of least resistance and collaborating with others so you rather than taking massive, imperfect action, you get the right stuff done. 

With strengths in strategy, focus, and customization, background in Mathematics, Human Resources, and Small Business Development, Danette’s superpowers include seeing the big picture, mapping out a plan, execution, tracking and measuring to make sure what matters gets done. It's about cash flow and cadence! 

Our flagship programs are Master My Money, Living With Intention to Create Balance & Flow, and our Conditioning Camp where we level up our standards so we have a fighting chance at reaching our goals and getting desired results. 

Danette Layne, Founder of the Layne Change Group & Poppy Street Media, is more than a mechanic, She'll roll up her sleeves and help you optimize your operations to free up your time to do more of what you love with those you love.

After leaving corporate and going full time on the entrepreneur journey, Danette’s home base is currently in Washington State and she travels while working to enjoy time with her daughters and grandkids in Alberta, Canada, and Washington State, as well as her circle of entrepreneur friends around the globe, allowing her to enjoy a variety of adventures and collect stamps in her passport.

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