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Female Courage Foundation
Company Type: Education
Mentoring of Female Entrepreneurs and StartUps
Top Purpose: 13 Gender Equality

Female Courage Foundation is a charity with a mission to make a positive difference for women worldwide regardless of background, religion, education or income.


We empower women by:

• Offering internet education and mentoring of - especially - entrepreneurs and startups

• Creating a strong international network of courageous women

Too many women in the world lack courage and self-esteem. This is normally either due to their own conceived limitations, or because of wider social norms.

The ambition of the Female Courage Foundation is to give women worldwide more self-esteem and courage. The Female Courage Foundation wishes to create a global consciousness for women through an exchange of knowledge, wisdom, education and networking.

We also wish to support future female entrepreneurs by giving them tools, network and funds.

Welcome in the Female Courage Foundation - together we can give women the courage and self-esteem they deserve.

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    Female Courage Foundation

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