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Educator Dynamics
United States
Company Type: Education
Playground For The Conscious Educator Movement
Top Purpose: 10 Quality Education

Educator Dynamics was founded to work with diverse populations of educators around the world to amplify the value of the unique amazing humans we all are.  Having trained educators from across the US, Thailand, Bali, New Zealand, Australia, the UK and Mexico Educator Dynamics is well versed in the complexities and the commonalities that face our global system of education.  We believe that we will revitalize education by re-igniting the inner genius in our educators; empowering them to amplify their unique value and aligning pathways for them to merge the best strategic practices of pedagogy, the corporate world, cultural competency, human behavior, neuroscience, the science of happiness as well as aligning the pathway to entrepreneurship and a global perspective of what is possible for each student they serve.  We will only solve the challenges of tomorrow by thinking from our future vision not simply from our past.

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    Educator Dynamics


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    Culture Masterclass: My Natural Brain ‘Wired’ Strength

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    Culture Masterclass: Simple & Sustainable Routines


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