Shine Your Light Reviews

Eileen is such an amazing mentor and all around great person to know. I love getting on calls with her and chatting about the various things she is doing right now, she is such an inspiration. I am also looking forward to reading her new book "The Courage to Shine".

Eileen is such a joy to work with and is a true example of what it means to shine your light! Her experience and depth of knowledge are evident in the excellent quality of coaching that she delivers.

These diaries are incredible! They are a brilliant start to anyone's day! Let's get up and GOOOOOOOO

Eileen Forrestal has her finger on the pulse of what is needed to be fulfilled in life. This is hardly surprising as following her very successful career as a medical doctor, an anaesthetist, putting people to sleep she now has a mission to waken people up and inspire them to be the shining light they were born to be. Eileen has bravely shared her own personal story of her journey to shining her own light. She kindly and generously now offers to help others wake up and shine their light in their own way. Working with Eileen takes her clients on a journey of self discovery and positivity which can only enrich their lives and those around them.