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Our Worldwide Industrial & Agricultural Online Hemp Portal - Connecting the Dots of the Global Hemp Industry - Directory | Information | Network | Forums
Top Purpose: 15 Life on Land

HempWeb.Earth is our Worldwide Industrial & Agricultural Hemp Online Portal -

The one-stop virtual location that connects all the dots of the Global Hemp Industry.

Focused on planetary restoration, conscious collective action, industry transparency & sustainable practices, HW.E 2.0 features:

- A free-to-use & free-to-list Worldwide Directory of all Hemp businesses, services & organizations from across the globe >> ultimately facilitating mass cultivation of Hemp by simplifying the process for already conscious consumers & creating ease of access that is necessary to infiltrate mainstream consumer markets.

- A collectively created Information Library >> where members can upload, link & discuss all Hemp-related data, ideas, research, crowdfunding campaigns, discoveries & opportunities into the HW.E Database.

- A global map of the entire Industry >> allowing entrepreneurs the chance to see where local communities need further Hemp infrastructure - ultimately leading to the opportunity to decentralize human industry & create self-sufficient HEMPowered communities around the world.


Accessibility to all the products, services, information & humans in the industry is the simple yet all powerful key to changing everything.

By bringing the abundant healing power of this plant & revolutionary crop into one online space, we will be able to present this industry to the world as the umbrella "no brainer" consumer choice of 2020 & beyond.

HempWeb.Earth: Support a different industry - Create a different world.

HW.E 2.0 is under development & expected to launch between now & the end of 2019.

If you understand the significance of this opportunity & would like to be involved, please reach out & let's discover how we can work together.

Heal the world - HEMPower the people.

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