Welcome to the orientation course exclusively for Genius Group partners at all levels!


With the continuous growth of our curriculum, community, and new customers in 2020, we have developed this orientation program to help keep things simple. 

During 2020, our faculty member community started creating their own content for inside the GeniusU platform and in addition have also been delivering our content directly to our clients. 


We also have a solid foundation of city leaders who we want to grow to over 250 in 2021, in key areas where we know we can help you build a solid community of 5-10,000 entrepreneurs. Our range of partner solutions will enable you to generate anything from a guaranteed $500 per week up to $20,000 per week depending on the level you choose to play at. 


You can play to your strengths and either build a rock-solid community to leverage into or a super focused mentoring business with a strong personal brand.


Microdegree Outcomes

By joining our partner community, you receive consistent training and free education as well as always being the first to find out about new opportunities. This microcourse aims to get your started on a solid foundation.

Your Microdegree Mentor
Michelle Nolting
Michelle Nolting Mentor

Michelle Nolting is the Regional Manager of EMEA. She has a background in financial planning and business consulting, and has worked her way up to Head of Operations and Business Development in the corporate world. She also runs a business coaching practice helping entrepreneurs build their teams, keep to their strengths, increase their revenue streams, and improve their business processes.