Ready to get a Microschool designed and built on GeniusU to start attracting new clients? 

Want a simple yet powerful "how to" system that makes it easy to design your programs?

Then, join 20 year experienced in person and online facilitator, Lisa Michaels for this content rich do-it-with-you program where you’ll design and build your MicroSchool. Lisa will be sharing the system for designing accelerated programs that produce great results for your participants — whether you are new to facilitating or have years of experience — you’re MicroSchool will be bringing them back time after time hungry for more.

Delivered in 3 ninety minute training session, one Q&A, and a final presentation celebration. 

You won't believe what you can get done in only 1 week and you'll be prepared to design any program you develop going forward! 


Here's what Santos Alberto says about Lisa's help with his Microschool design...

I am Santos Alberto a remote sales expert, and lately I've had the opportunity to create an online course.

I've been working on it for 4 weeks!!!

Trying to create an outline, and feeling stressed out about it not sure how to put it together. And in 30 minutes Lisa helped me put together what the tangible outcome of my course would be, the core modules I would teach, the exercises in those modules, and the homework assignments I would give my students.

So in the 30 minutes she literally did what I couldn't do in 4 weeks!!!

My biggest obstacle with joining her Microschool design program was that I didn't know if she was any good at this -- to be honest. I've known her for a long time -- we're actually both members of Roger Hamilton's Crystal Circle. So my fear was that it would be a waste of my time, and I'm really REALLY busy right now. But I gave her a shot anyway because she came highly recommended, and in literally 30 minutes everything changed for me.

I now have a very clear outline of my course outline. I would definitely recommend this to you if you're an expert looking to put together a course... If you already have something super valuable that you want to share with the world I recommend you definitely have a call with her, and join her Microschool Design program.

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Lisa Michaels
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Lisa Michaels
Lisa Michaels Mentor

Lisa Michaels has 30 years experience as an entrepreneur, teacher, trainer, and workshop facilitator. She designed more workshops, classes, trainings, products, and certifications than she can count and helped thousands of people across multiple fields take their skills to the next level. All of Lisa's programs are steeped in Accelerated Learning principles making it easy for the facilitators she trains to apply their skills to any subject matter. She's currently serving as a Performance Consultant, Faculty and Atlanta City Leader for GeniusU.