We will show you how to easily access some of the best predictable growth opportunities and passive income streams the investment world has to offer


Microdegree Outcomes
  • Introduction to Structured Notes as an asset class
  • How the ultra-wealthy and institutions protect capital and access enhanced returns – even through the market crash of 2020
  • Understand how it is possible to achieve enhanced returns in flat and even declining markets from Europe’s largest banks.
  • Where these might fit into your investment portfolio
  • How to easily get started and access these investments via an on-line investment platform
  • Simply watch 3 Informative videos (40 minutes of quality information)
  • If these international investments with enhanced returns and protection stand out for you and you would like to discuss how to take the next step – then please book a call
Your Microdegree Mentor
Chad Pope
Chad Pope Mentor

Chad’s interest in investing started at an early age and evolved into a passion as his family grew and he became a successful entrepreneur.

Over the next years 30 years he built and optimised multiple businesses and refined his personal investment model to secure his family’s legacy.

After personally experiencing the benefits of Structured Products, Chad and Andrew founded Cashbox Global to enlighten and give access to these institutional products.

Chad believes that every motivated investor needs to know that it is possible to reduce risk and increase the certainty of receiving higher returns.