This microdegree will teach you how to draw up your future success.. and show you how to get there with your own personalised investment blueprint, giving you a solid foundation to build your property investment business from.

We will show you how to assess which cash flow, profit and equity strategies will or won't work for you, so you can exclusively focus on YOUR strategies and not get distracted by other people's opinions.

We will cover what you need to BE, DO and HAVE in order to achieve your desired outcome. 

REAL RESULTS require a concrete plan, milestones and absolute clarity on which strategies and which properties will get you the results you are looking for.

Note: This is the exact same course that took Brendan from losing $30,000 in cash flow every year to being able to quit his job just 11 months later.

This microdegree is perfect for: 

  • People who have some experience in investing and are now ready to step it up a level
  • Beginner property investors who want to set themselves up for success from the start
  • Anyone who is ready to move from being a "buy and hope" investor to an investor getting real results and living their dream life

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Kyron Gosse
Kyron Gosse
New Zealand


Microdegree Outcomes
Your Microdegree Mentor
Kyron Gosse
Kyron Gosse Mentor

About the mentor:

Kyron Gosse is a futurist, a property investor and adventurer who travels the world. His vision is a world where everyone has a roof over their head, a house that produces its own energy, grows its own food and collects its own water. This gives people the basic freedom they need to then live life on their own terms.

His current projects include a global network of luxury lifestyle properties for high net worth individuals, an international investment fund and he also runs a mastermind sharing with other property investors/real estate professionals how they can utilise these emerging technologies and trends to gain the unfair advantage in their industry too.

About the educator:

Merlijn Knol is the head instructional designer of Kamjana, an online education agency with a focus on financial education. We strategise, leverage and optimise existing content, as well as building highly effective new curriculum parts. If you are in the financial education industry and would like to learn more about building a micro degree contact Merlijn through

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