By focusing on the power of breath, the Breath Dynamics microdegree offers a unique way of helping you find your personalized path to health, wealth, and happiness.

It takes the best of everything Stig Severinsen has learnt from yogis, high performers, Navy SEALs, and corporations all over the world and blends it with his own medical background.  

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Stig Severinsen
Stig Severinsen


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Step by step, you will learn how your body works in ways not described in medical books as you make your way through the 9 levels of the Wealth Dynamics Lighthouse one chakra at a time.



Your Microdegree Mentor
Stig Severinsen
Stig Severinsen Mentor

Stig Åvall Severinsen is an explorer and Danish freediver, four-time world freediving champion, and holder of multiple Guinness World Records, including being the first person in the world to hold his breath for over 20 minutes under water!

He loves teaching people how conscious breathing can improve both their health and performance and has dedicated his life to this mission. His bestselling book "Breatheology - The Art Of Conscious Breathing" has been translated to 10 languages and his global platform ( is helping people daily all over the world.

With a Masters Degree in Biology and a PHD in Medicine, Stig is passionate about nature and human nature and gets a kick out of elevating people to their highest potential.

Stig is a Fellow of The Explorers Club in New York, an entrepreneur, and an investor in several companies. He travels the world non-stop to help people better navigate their stressful and ever-changing lives!

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