Being a business owner is that it can be pretty risky.


Do you know 82% of business fail because of poor cashflow? 

Do you know main reason for business fail due to disablement. 34% caused by injury and 42% caused by illness. 

Do you know Human Capital risk impact on your business value? 

The staff is a major asset and backup plan of any successful business operation. 


AssureMe Caroline Liang, Protect your cashflow and capital. 

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Caroline Liang
Caroline Liang
New Zealand


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Caroline Liang
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We are a financial advisory company with a passion for protecting people and their work-ability and lives through sound risk management and insurance cover. 

The AssureME team provides a range of comprehensive insurance plans to suit a
variety of needs. AssureME specializes in Business Key Person risk protection for SME and group cover, business continuity protection, shareholder protection for larger corporations.

Caroline Liang is the global Premium Association of Financial Professionals in US in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. Caroline Liang is also an award member of IDA (International Dragon Awards in Asia); Member of Financial Advice New Zealand; Member of International Professional Woman Associates.

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