Sales- Love it or hate it we all need people to buy our products or services, or we will have no business.  Yet, for many business owners the very mention of the word sales makes them want to hide in their shell!


It’s often the idea of selling that is the issue, the old traditional style of pushy people who try to sell things we really don’t want

This microdegree will take you step by step looking at sales from a different perspective.


Building your confidence so you can have more productive conversations which continue to build trust & help people to buy from you, rather than feeling like you are selling to them.



Microdegree Outcomes
Your Microdegree Mentor
Louise Mosley
Louise Mosley Mentor


🐟 Louise Mosley is the founder of NB Coaching, supporting business owners to find their flow and become neutrally buoyant.


🐟 A passionate scuba diver, traveller, and lover of the underwater world even the name NB Coaching was inspired by the marine environment.


🐟 NB or neutral buoyancy is a state of balance where the diver is neither sinking down or bobbing to the surface, it is the most efficient way to dive and the most enjoyable, she helps business owners find this in their business too!


🐟 With over 20 yrs experience in Sales & Marketing, from working in pharmaceutical sales to managing hotel reservations in Honduras, she certainly has a broad range of experience to pull from.


    • Accredited Talent & Wealth Dynamics Flow Consultant 
    • Certified Passion Test Consultant
    • Diploma Personal Performance Coaching