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Learn how to change your mindset from a scarcity mindset to abundance mindset to global mindset.  

This 8 steps to Wealth through Real Estate Microdegree will focus on teaching you how you can use the 5 pillars of Wealth to overcome barriers such as lack of knowledge, trust and access to the right expertise.

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Join this course and get invaluable tips, content and strategies to not only create wealth, but becoming a Global Citizen, through building multiple streams of income. This is no longer a luxury, it has become a necessity.   

Learn how you can create passive income stream in dollars, pounds, euro's, etc with our proven strategies, systems and tips from Serial Entrepreneur and Global Investor - Scott Picken. 

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Scott Picken

Founder and CEO of Wealth Migrate, published author, Wealth Movement pioneer and serial Fintech entrepreneur.

Backed by more than 18 years’ global real estate investment, technology and business leadership experience, I am passionate about providing real estate investors access to global markets, the transformative power of financial technology, blockchain, re-inventing wealth, Collaborative SMART InvestingTM and creating global wealth for all.

Wealth Migrate 

In Wealth Migrate we have built the leading global real estate marketplace which is built on blockchain and digitally integrated into a listed and regulated exchange, which allows us to comply globally in each country and investors can invest safely from as little as $100 per investment. Everyone can now turn global monopoly into a reality as they own a global diversified portfolio of institutional quality real estate assets and manage it all on their smart device. Our vision is to make investing as simple as a swipe of the finger from as little as $1.

We have already raised $12m and this has allowed us to build the Trusted Global Real Estate Marketplace with members now in 117 countries (more than half the planet), investors in 47 countries, while growing between 0,5% to 1% a day. We have facilitated $75m+ USD through 1950+ transactions on the blockchain through the platform, which constitutes $485m in real estate deals.

With investors across the globe, including China and Wealth Migrate is now actively looking at India. Collectively, with my partners, what makes us unique is that we have over 227 years of combined Fintech & international real estate experience, have facilitated over 10800+ investments internationally on 5 continents and to the value of over $1,4+ billion. Our philosophy is safety, trust, transparency and only partnering where all parties’ interests are aligned.

WealthE CoinTM is going to be the catalyst to unlock the entire Global Wealth Group Ecosystem and turn the vision into a reality. Please watch this video - 

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I’m the author of Property Going Global, founder of Google-backed Lemonade Day Africa and a thought leader in the growing global ‘Wealth Movement’ aiming to close the wealth gap and empower one billion people. This is truly my purpose.