The first step to having your health in peak state is discovering where you are on the Health spectrum then seeing how you can move up the spectrum to GREAT health. 


The three health prisms:


The mindfulness prism

The path from good health to ultimate health is achieved by going beyond the balance of your body and spirit to the balance of your mind. This is achieved through mindfulness practices including yoga, meditation and connection with nature.


The wellness prism

The three early stages of imbalance, from aggravation to spreading, are the domain of the wellness industry. All wellness, fitness and diet plans are focused at improving health through prevention rather than cure. Wellness is all about the daily practice of a healthy lifestyle.


The sickness prism

The bottom three levels of the Health Spectrum, from localisation to chronicity, are the domain of the medical industry. This is where imbalance in every part of the body has become a named disease with diagnosis, cure and medication - often without addressing the original source of the imbalance.


In this micodegree learn more about

  • Where you are at on the Health Spectrum and how you can move up the Spectrum. 
  • How it works and how you can improve your health levels

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Jo Formosa
Jo Formosa
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Microdegree Outcomes

Currently you are in the Wellness prism.


The Wellness Specturm are the three early stages of imbalances, from aggravation to spreading. All wellness, fitness and diet plans are focused at improving health through prevention rather than cure and this is where you can move from the Wellness prism to the Diesease prism if you do not treat the cause earleir on.

In the next three steps learn all about the three health levels in the Wellness prism.

Level 4 - Yellow | Spreading

Level 5 - Green | Aggravation

Level 6 - Blue | Accumulation


How it works in a nutshell


The way to freedom from illness, pain and lack of energy is to expand your own awareness by finding out more about you, your body and your mind. You need to bring back to balance what has come out of balance. That way you can bring a new balance much easier from your mind into your body without resistance. 


The expansion of awareness doesn’t stop with knowing your own body and health but also understanding the health levels of your partner, your family, your friends and business colleagues. Often, our health has suffered because of bad habits that are deeply ingrained into our environment and the people we are surrounded by. By learning more about your own imbalance you will become more sensitive to the imbalance of others. 

Your Microdegree Mentor
Jo Formosa
Jo Formosa Mentor

When Roger Hamilton, the creator of a profiling system for the mind, met Jo, a holistic health expert who wanted to share the wisdom she has gathered over the years, it was pretty clear that they needed to work on something together. 


Jo loved the Wealth Dynamics concept and saw multiple parallels in what she had learnt about Ayurveda, in which there were ten different  body types, each with a natural path to keep the body in balance.

Jo was at an event in the Entrepreneur Resort in Bali and got stuck on the island because of a volcano that was in danger of eruption. Nothing happens without a reason, as this gave them the time they needed to sit together and talk about the concept. It didn’t take long for Roger to combine the two systems of the 8 mind types and the 10 body types into what is called Health Dynamics today.