What does "mastery" mean to you? Based on my book “Be Triumphant - Master the Triangle for Success” this microdegree is the start of a developmental journey covering topics for you to experience or re-experience a life-shift. It took more than half a century to develop the Triangle of Success model and I'm inviting you to explore what I've discovered about life, business, and mastery.

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Luther Diedericks
Luther Diedericks
South Africa


Microdegree Outcomes

I spent most of my working life developing models and applications to make businesses and organisations more effective and efficient. As life progressed, I realised more and more the importance of self mastery and its interactive impact on business. I then captured this experience in a book and a course called “Be Triumphant - Master the Triangle for Success” consisting of the following three corners of a triangle:

  1. Mastering life to enable growth and development
  2. Making your business a sustainable money-making machine
  3. Optimising investment to finance the life you deserve

Over six modules, I share with you my life-shift experience and take you on a developmental journey inviting you to experience or re-experience a life-shift and achieve a Triumphant Life.

In this brief introduction to the complete email series, Module 1, I invite you to contemplate the following five areas:

Your Microdegree Mentor
Luther Diedericks
Luther Diedericks Mentor

During a career of more than 35 years in National and Local Government, he established himself in the disciplines of Human Resources, Public Relations, Organisational Management and Development. Luther holds the degrees B.Com, Hons B&A and MBA. He qualified as an awards assessor of the SA Excellence Foundation, practitioner of the Appreciative Enquiry, an organisational and community development Methodology, a train-the-trainer practitioner applying competency-based performance management interventions and Business re-engineering. He is a Life and Business Coach and a Certified Certified Business Advisor/Mentor with www.ibasa.org.za Chairperson of the West Coast Chapter. Luther is a Director of the SA Small and Medium Enterprise Federation www.sasmef.org.za