How to take your BHAG - Big Hairy Audacious Goal, turn it into bite-sized pieces over the next quarter so you achieve the results you want. 


In addition to 

     increasing your productivity in your Business, 

you can also use the system to ... 

learn a new skill, 

renovate your house, 

change a habit,  

loose weight, or 

start an exercise regime. 


... in fact you can apply this system to achieve

any outcome or goal you want.




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Ute Lambrecht
Ute Lambrecht
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Ute Lambrecht
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Ute (pronounced Ootay) Lambrecht is passionate about increasing happiness at work by combining the agile framework and the entrepreneurial mindset shift that will set employees free to flourish within their company.

Ute is the founder of Scrum for Leaders, delivering training and mentoring to leaders who want to boost their teams performance by reducing the management overhead, providing more freedom, autonomy and responsibility to their team and at the same time increasing the bottom line.