Entrepreneur Summer School Agile Leadership with Terri Vincent Microschool is for entrepreneurs who want to learn the agile business models, creating promotion plans that work. 


Over the next 5 days, you'll b etaken action towards creating a 90 day promotion plan that has you focused on generating additional revenue.


Day 1 - Identify your Identity - Learn how to prosition yourself in the market place to create traction for yourself.


Day 2 - Master your Market - Identify your customer avatar, their problem & your solution to their problem.


Day 3 - Monetise your moment - Create a compelling solution and pathway that your customer simply can't say know.


By the end of day Microschool you will have actively created a promotion plan that will get you to generate additional income in your business. 


Microdegree Outcomes
Microdegree Outcomes
Your Microdegree Mentor
Terri Vincent
Terri Vincent Mentor

Terri is a world-class interviewer, with a fun and unmistakable style, known for bringing out the very best in people. From founders at the world's biggest unicorns, to everyday people doing extraordinary things, interviewees find themselves sharing their most hidden and insightful stories.


Building a number of successful businesses early on, Terri devoted her life to coaching others to achieve the same. As well as founding TCB, Terri is also Assistant Mentor for our Crystal Circle clients and Facilitator at our flagship iLab Accellerator in Bali.