This is probably one of the smartest things you have ever done for your business. And by that I mean, considering using speaking to attract more clients and make more sales. Or perhaps you are already speaking but its not making the return you want.


What you're going to learn in this microschool is going to blow your mind when it comes to the revenue possibility and impact with virtual speaking.


So listen up.


This Microschool is for entrepreneurs who are up to big things in the world

and struggling to enrol clients fast enough to grow at the speed they want.


Its also for entrepreneurs who are over feeling like they have to learn every

tactic and trick to get the results they want.


It's especially for those who want to have a big impact, make big money,

get their message out to 1000's of people now, in the easiest, fastest way

that doesn't require a massive list, a big profile or a ton of experience and

or followers!


And when all the restrictions lift, be able to take everything they learn here

in this microschool and be able to globetrot the world speaking on stages.

Imagine that?


But in the meantime, we're going to focus on virtual stages.


And they, my entrepreneural world changing friends, are absolutely everywhere.

And some of them already have your name on them, you just haven't started

looking yet.


Until now. Right?


Over these powerful 5 days you will learn how to use virtual speaking and live

speaking to build a top tier income as well as powerful closing keys to ensure

you are enrolling the maximum percentage of your views and attendees into

your products and programs. 


This is going to be brilliant. You're going to learn so much good stuff that will

help you in every area of sales and marketing.


I simply can't wait, so be sure to book your spot. This will be gold for you.


And here's why I know that, this is the same roadmap I used to go from being

10k in debt to half a million in sales in less than 3 years. I didn't have any speaking experience, I had a lot of passion, and a lot to give. And I know you have too.


Day 1: How do you actually profit from speaking and what are the different models of speaking that are out there - this is where we dive deep into the one that will work for you now!


Day 2: Worldwide Success - Everything you need to know about finding and booking those lucrative virtual speaking gigs worldwide - they are everywhere, I'm going to show you how to find them.


Day 3: How do you inspire your attendees and viewers to enroll into your products and programs so you get the best return of investment of your time and they get to be served by you.


Sounds good right?



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Moira Mouret
Moira Mouret
Donegal, Ireland


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Microdegree Outcomes

I am off the charts excited about delivering this microschool...

I can't wait to show you all a pathway to more clients, money

and impact that is right there waiting for you.


You can start to use speaking as a tool to enrol great clients

even if you’ve never spoken before, or you’re not enrolling

the clients you want from your current gigs.


I started speaking in my hometown of Donegal Ireland when

I first started my business over 4 years ago. Since then I have

spoken worldwide so I know what's possible for you too.


Now I did a lot of this 'live', so there were a lot of planes, hotels

and other expenses.


With virtual, there's almost ZERO expenses, and ZERO travel.

The opportunity is exponential. And as a GeniusU community

member I know YOU KNOW the meaning of exponential.

Its Roger's midddle name right?


So if you're ready to learn the in's and out's of speaking to

grow your business super fast. You're in the right place, at

the right time with the right mentor!


There are opportunities EVERYWHERE. And I'm going to

show you how to not omly find them but to profit from them

in a big way.


Speaking is by far one of the fastest ways to grow your business

and positions you as an authority and ensures you attract quality

leads and opportunities every time you speak, if you know what

you’re doing.


And by the end of this microschool, you will know exactly what to

do and why and of course where.


Are you ready?


  • A step by step roadmap to create 6 figures and beyond in your business in 12 months or less
  • A strategy you can use anytime you need clients or want to increase your reach
  • Everything you'll need to know about finding lucrative virtual speaking gigs
  • What to say when you do find them so you get booked
  • All the mistakes to avoid when you first start out
  • And how to profit from each and every speaking gig right then at the gig
Your Microdegree Mentor
Moira Mouret
Moira Mouret Mentor

Moira shows entrepreneurs a powerful pathway to enrolling more

clients, making way more money and how to have a globetrotting

lifestyle  – without the complicated strategies so they can finally

start enjoy the success and freedom they started their

business for in the first place.


Starting from nothing, Moira first built a travel business that served

1000 travellers from all over the world. And then shared the business

secrets she discovered with scores of business owners, building her

coaching business from debt to 500k in annual revenue in less than

three years.


She has captivated thousands around the world with her engaging live

and virtual talks as well as her magnetic Secret Suppers Worldwide™

events. Which are now popping up all over the virtual world.


You may have seen her speak at events like:


The Global Woman Summit New York

Driven Inc Florida

Speak to Impact Live Florida

Unconference Live Texas.

DWPN Chicago.

The BEST YOU Expo London.


To name a few ....


She has also spoken in 19 counties in Ireland as part of her 'Waking The Giants'

Speaking tour as well as a range of national meetings, conferences, marketing events

and virtual summits.


She is on a mission is to inspire freedom in entrepreneurs by embracing the

power of speaking as a tool to get their message out in a big way, be recognised

for who they really are and live a life they love while having a big impact in the world

and making way more money in the process.


"I thought what I did with speaking was fast, but you can do it even faster with virtual speaking, so lets do this!" Moira


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